Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You're on Candid Camera!

My dad and Ivy are great friends with a few couples that get together for breakfast at the restaurant in the mall on a semi-regular basis.  Two of the ladies in this group were also my mom's best friends.  I used to call them "Mommy P" and "Mommy B" - Pat and Beth.  

The morning that we told Dad and Ivy about the baby, the plan was to meet the gang for breakfast.  I knew that we couldn't make it through breakfast without telling them so I brought along their Christmas cards with the ultrasound photo.  

When we arrived at the restaurant, Pat, Beth and I were all dressed in green and black.  We had  a little laugh about it and Ivy said, "Oh, let me take your picture!"

There's something you need to know about Ivy - she rarely leaves home without her camera. You have to be cautious and don't dare to have a bad hair day around her.  It'll be captured for posterity!  Trust me, there are a few photos of me, getting ready to head to work on my bicycle, that I would love to Photoshop.  (I never put makeup on before biking to the office - yoi!)

So the three of  us posed for a photo:

Beth, Steph & Pat

And then Ivy said, "Wait, let me get one more."

Now, the ladies didn't yet know the secret, so I said, "Ok, everyone say, "Stephanie's PREGNANT!!!!!"

Beside me, I heard Beth, ever the willing participant say, "Stephanie's... WHAT?!!?!??!??!"

And then the shutter on Ivy's camera clicked.

Everyone say, "Stephanie's pregnant!!!"

Heh heh. I LOVE this photo (despite my extra chins and crazy hat hair).

Beth, on the left, seems horrified because she was halfway through saying it... and Pat has that "Is she pulling my leg?" look on her face. It's just too funny not to share.

These are definitely going in the Mogrunt's baby book.

I do believe that Ivy also has a photo of her (and our) dear friend Ellamae as she looked looked at the Christmas card photo and suddenly realized what she was looking at. Priceless, I tell you. Those photos are priceless.

As long as the weather holds here and in St. John's, I'm headed to Newfoundland today.  Believe it or not, this it the Mogrunt's second trip to St. John's!  

While I never mind going to Newfoundland (in fact, I love it there), I am worried about getting home on Saturday.  Newfoundland is known for getting boatloads of snow.  Normally, I also wouldn't worry about getting storm-stayed anywhere, but I have an ultrasound appointment on Monday morning.  

Those of you who live in warmer climates may be wondering why I would worry about not being home two days after my flight is scheduled to leave.  Well, let me tell you a quick story:  

When I was in my last year of university, my BFF, Rebecca, came down with pneumonia at the same time that I came down with mono.  We were a pleasant bunch.  

She came to stay with my roommates and I at our apartment until we could get her a flight home to Newfoundland to visit with her parents.  That was over the Easter holiday in 1996 - in April.  St. John's ended up with a blizzard that weekend.  Rebecca was stranded there for an extra 4 days or more. I don't remember the exact amount of snow they received, but they couldn't see the neighbour's house across the street for the snow.  



  1. heee hee I love that picture! It's too bad we couldn't capture more moments like this. :)

    Good luck with getting home on time. Hopefully mother nature will be kind to you.

  2. That second photo is sweet, sweet revenge for all of her candid shots over the years :)

    Congrats, by the way!

  3. Hehehe...that photo is awesome. A great moment captured on film. I wish I had thought to take a photo when we told everyone.

  4. That picture is priceless!!! Best wishes! Jane

  5. I love these pictures! I think the three of you are too cute in matching outfits, and the second photo definitely deserves a special place in the baby album

  6. OK, I seriously have to do my blog-reading catch-ups more regularly -- I think I have that "Stephanie's ... WHAT??" face right now. Congratulations!!! So excited for you. xo

  7. What a great pic!

    Just a hint, if you get stuck in Nfld, tell the agents (you may want to ask to speak to a lead agent) about your medical appointment, they may be able to put you on a priority standby.
    If not, we may see you in Halifax by Easter ;o)!

  8. Love, love that pic, great way to let them know. haha

  9. Hahaha! That's GREAT!!! Congratulations Steph!!