Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In Which the Mogrunt is Well and Truly Spoiled

The knitted gifts keep rolling in.

This is from Val:

Ernie on LSD

Isn't it the cutest? She made it from sock yarn scraps. It's very "indy". Mr. Happy and I have been jokingly calling it his "Ernie on LSD" sweater. It's just so funky. I just hope he's not allergic to cats like his mom. (see them on the buttons?)

Now, when the Mogrunt is in a more classic, serene mood, he can wear this little number by Julie:

Made by Julie

This is made with 4-ply cotton and will be perfect for cool summer evenings. I think it looks quite nice hanging on the door of the nursery, but I'm sure it will look better on the boy.

When we head to the beach, he'll be wearing this outfit:

Bathing suit

Made by: Lisa
Pattern: shorts from denim pants in LMKG; top was her own design.
Yarn: Rowan denim

All I can think of when I look at this photo is the ad in the back of the comic books where the bully is kicking sand at the skinny guy. Charles Atlas, I hope my son doesn't need your help.

This sweater, well, this sweater was knit by his mama:


And this I imagine him wearing with a pair of jeans - hee hee - and Birkenstocks. I used leftover Zara from my stash AND from the Ninja's stash.

He won't, however, be wearing this sock:

Trekking Sock

...as I gave it away with its mate and another pair to the temp who is working at our office* as the receptionist. She is due in July.

No worries, though - I still have the rest of that ball of Trekking, so I'm sure I can get a pair or two out of it, plus a hat, plus another hat...

And in other news, it seems I have developed some great skills:

Skillz, I have them

(note to self: never wear that shirt in public again - it makes me look like a beach ball.)

*Rather... the office from which I am now officially on leave.


  1. That is going to be the best-dressed kid in town!

  2. That picture of you is so cute!!! And those are some fab knits.

  3. You know what? I actually miss my little coffee cup shelf. I found it exceptionally handy. And A used to kick my coffee cup every single time I set it on my belly, which I found rather amusing. Enjoy your leave!

  4. are you sure that is a baby and not some inflatable hamburger or something? You are way to round. FREAKY!!! SCARY!!!!
    talking 360 degrees here - not normal....
    i can't even imagine...

  5. very cute baby belly ... perfectly round (are you smuggling basketballs out of candian Tire?

    LOL! Have a great Mat. Leave!