Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Still Waiting...

Good things about waiting for a baby to come:

1. Dad and Mr. Happy are so stir crazy that they:
- Have finished up all the flooring in the kitchen
- Installed the trim in the kitchen
- Mowed the lawn
- Fixed the front step
- Are currently replacing a tap in Mr. Happy's sister's kitchen (a simple, "Hey brother, think you could fix my dripping sink?" has led to a trip to Canadian Tire and a few hours at my SIL's house.)

2. My SM is very kindly washing my dishes and helping with laundry.

3. Eating out with family (i.e. no dishes to wash)

Bad things about waiting for a baby to come:

1. Being a watched pot.

2. Dad, my SM and Mr. Happy getting antsy.

3. Mr. Happy's dad calls 10 times a day. Cute at first... It gets harder when you have no news.


  1. My 2 oldest daughters were each 3 weeks past their due dates (my oldest son was my first born and he was 3 wks early which made the waiting seem even longer!) so I know how it feels to be a watched pot. Just be glad they don't let you go that long any more. Got any neighbors with a trampoline? :)

  2. Oh the waiting! I am sure it will come soon enough.

  3. yes waiting is terrible! jake was eight days past his due date. my sister's advice was to walk up A LOT of stairs!! I think that helped in the end to get things moving but he'll come when he is ready. Come on mogrunt - I wanna see you already!

  4. Yep...waiting is no fun. Neither are the phone calls after a while. I crafted quite a bit to stay busy. Hopefully wee one will show up sooner rather than later.

  5. Waiting is good if Mr Happy and your Dad are fixing things, too bad I live in Ottawa now, I would have you send them to my place...hi hi. I was two weeks late for both.
    My second, I wanted to work until I had to drive to the hospital.

  6. I can remember hanging up on someone who called to say "no baby yet?" when The Boy was well past his due date. After saying "none of you care about me anymore, you just care about this stupid baby". Ah, the joys of pregnancy! Let me know if you want a knitterly visit today. Maybe a visit from Doodle will help entice him out!

  7. If the boys are driving you nuts, send them to my place. I have wallpaper to peel and painting to do, that would keep them occupied ;) {{{HUGS!}}}

  8. I can help paint - I even own my own coveralls!

  9. Perhaps a leaisurely drive, say 40 or 50 times, over the local railroad crossings?????

  10. Okay, it's Saturday now. Is the Mogrunt here yet?


    How about now?