Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mommy Can Knit!

Mr. Happy is taking the day to work at home. Although right now it looks more like he's taking the day to nap on the couch with the Mogrunt - awwwww, so cute. Nap time with Daddy = free time for Mommy!

Let's talk about KNITTING!

During the last month of pregnancy, my fingers were so swollen that the nerves were pinched in my left hand, making knitting quite uncomfortable. In fact, I didn't really get as much knitting done as I would have liked. Mostly b/c I was so bloody uncomfortable and if I dropped a needle on the floor, I would almost cry at the thought of having to bend down to get it!

Since the Mogrunt's birth, I've noticed a distinct difference in the availability of knitting time. It's been replaced with laundry and diaper changes. Now that the Mogrunt is almost two months old (tomorrow is the day!), I'm actually getting a little more knitting time. I'm also getting a handle on housework and meal preparation - I think that the secret is to ALWAYS have leftovers!

Soooo, what have I been working on? Well, let me show you two projects that are sitting in my knitting bag.

I've got all the pieces knit for the boy's teddy bear, and while I am pleased with it, I do feel like writing a "dear designer" letter.

Dear Designer

The pattern does not tell you what is the wrong side and what is the right side. When you see that this is seed stitch, you'll think I'm silly for worrying about that, BUT there are increases and decreases and I'm not sure which side should face out. The photos show what I would consider to be the wrong side as the right side - quick, who's on first? And the finishing instructions are somewhat vague. While it may seem intuitive to some, there are paw pads to be attached and if it weren't for the photos of the bear, I wouldn't know how to attach them! Sigh.

On a happier note, I'm knitting a pair of socks for me. I figured that I deserved a new pair of socks. After all, I did grow a human being in my uterus!

Sock for ME!

I've made two pairs of baby socks from this yarn, so I wasn't sure how long I should make the leg. I'm knitting these toe up so that I can make them as long as possible, but I'm not sure how much I have left.

I recently attended a "dry run" of a certain designer's class for a particular summit, and she had some great advice on knitting toe up socks from yarn that doesn't have a particular direction*. I don't think she would be upset if I shared this bit of wisdom, after all, she didn't claim patent protection on the idea:

Knit past the heel and a bit of the leg of one sock from the outside of the ball, then start the second sock with the inside of the ball and knit it to the same point as the first sock. Then just alternate between socks until you get close to the end of the ball - do your cuffs and bind off!

It's so simple, why didn't I think of it?

Because SHE taught at a particular summit.

dancing with Deb

...not me.

And in other knitting news - the sweater that I made a couple years ago, finally has a model:

Proud of his Mommy's knitting skillz

Really, I made the baby to go with the sweater. It needed a model that cute and I couldn't find a doll that was adorable enough.

*Examples of Yarn WITH a direction: Self-patterning or self-striping with more than two colours
Examples of Yarn WITHOUT a direction: hand-painted, variegated yarn, rebel yarns without causes


  1. That baby of yours is a born knit model! So cute!

  2. Look at dat wittle face!!! I can't believe how big he's getting!

  3. So cute! I can see why you waited for the perfect model for the sweater. It wouldn't have looked as adorable on any other model.

  4. Whoo boy, is he ever CUTE :) I know a little girl who would be just right for him...tee hee ;) I love that little baseball sweater pattern too. Yours is too sweet.

  5. Ohh he is so handsome and that sweater looks perfect on him.