Sunday, November 01, 2009

Mini Mars Bars, The Breakfast of Champions

I'm sure that many of you are munching Halloween treats this morning.  Either you've raided your child(ren)'s stash or you've got lots of leftover treats because the threat of the flu kept children at home.  

I have a confession to make:

Last night was the first Halloween in many years where I was excited about the holiday. For many years Halloween was a PITA for us. Our dearly departed dog, Bentley, had a hate on for children and would spend the entire evening barking at the tiny ghosts and goblins who came to our door. When Mr. Happy and I moved into our house, we handed out treats for a couple years, but then it just got easier to turn off the lights and hope that no tricks were played on our house. After Bentley went to the big doghouse in the sky, I finally acknowledge the truth - I really didn't like Halloween all that much.

Growing up, I was a pretty shy kid, so I wasn't keen on visiting houses of people I didn't know - which in my hometown was only about 5 houses, but still, I didn't like it. And then when I got to the age where my mom would get me to help opening the door, well, I wasn't keen on it then either.

But yesterday? Well, yesterday changed all that because we had our first chance to dress our kid up in a costume. Which we did with glee and the knowledge that at some point later in his life, he will be embarrassed by these photos.

First, we carved our pumpkin. I drew the bat and Mr. Happy, also known in these parts as "Daddy", carved it. Then we posed the Mogrunt with the pumpkin:

Mogrunt poses with pumpkin

Notice anything? Do you see who is sitting up all by himself? Yeah, it lasted a few seconds before he face planted into the grass and came up with a piece of leaf in his mouth. I may have a picture of the tears, but not of the leaf part. What? You know you would do the same!

Later in the afternoon, I got the Mogrunt dressed and headed out to visit family. First we went to visit his Auntie and cousins:

Sleepy Duck

It was exhausting, being in the car in costume.

Then we picked up Daddy at work and visited the Mogrunt's girlfriend, who was dressed like a lamb. Sorry, no photos. I don't have permission to show you photos of the Little Lamb.

Then we went to visit Nana and Poppa, where we took some photos outside:

Mogrunt Duck Butt

Mogrunt Duck in the Leaves

Then home again, where we sat the poor tired little duck next to his pumpkin again.

Mogrunt Duck

Daddy had to get back to work*, so we visited three houses in the neighbourhood and gave out goodies to a flashy robot from across the street. Then I had to admit that I was done and so was the Mogrunt.

We set the bowl of candy outside and went upstairs for bath and bed time. When I checked the bowl later, there was still quite a bit of candy left in it. I think that a lot of the kids were staying home because of the flu going around.

This morning, I'm very glad that we participated in Halloween, especially b/c we have leftover chocolate this morning and I'm really looking forward to next year. And not because I'm going to use my kid to get candy for myself.



  1. Ah, they're so defenceless...isn't it great?! I'm with you with regards to the dog issue. We put ours in our shed for like an hour and nearly lost the door knob to separation anxiety. Whee!

  2. we love halloween!!! Minou gets excited cause every kid that comes to the door says "treat"

  3. Awwww, he's so cute! And now that he's starting to sit up...the fun begins.


  4. The only part I like about Halloween is the sale candy on Nov.1st. That and once Halloween is over, you can start getting ready for CHRISTMAS!!!!!

  5. We also had few kids come to the door (and normally we have hoards!). Even though I bought way less candy than last year we have a ton left over. Unfortunately (or luckily?) for me, I purposely didn't buy candy I like so there are a lot of sour gummy burgers, Nerds, Laffy Taffy, etc left over. I'd better put out new toothbrushes for my kids. I wonder if the food pantry will take candy?