Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tiny parade

It's time for a tiny parade of finished objects.

First the Turn a Square hat by Jared Flood. Ravelled Here

Turn a Square

What a satisfying pattern. I kept knitting so that I could see where the colour changes would be. The yarn is Brown Sheep Nature Spun and Noro Kureyon.

Next up, the Simple Yet Effective Shawl by Laura Chau. Ravelled Here

Simple Yet Finally USED UP!

I've had this silk for years and after several unsuccessful attempts, finally found a pattern (or rather, an "unpattern") that suited it. I purchased the yarn at London Wul and don't recall if it ever had a lable. It's lovely, though. And quite resilient, considering the number of times I've knit with it.

Last for now, but certainly not least, my second Balsam by Ilga Leja. This has been finished for quite a while, but this is the first chance I had to get a photo of it. I had the pleasure of knitting a sample of this pattern for Ilga. It's an addictive knit and I really enjoyed making it again. Ravelled here.


Now, in other news, somebody has two teeth:

I have teeth, see?!?!?

See? Say, AAAAH, Mogrunt!

And he's not afraid to use them:


and not just on toys. He has taken a liking to his little girlfriend's head! Little C is two months older than him, so she can hold her own, I'm sure. The Mogrunt just gets so excited to see her that he starts making "brrrr, brrr, brrr" noises with his mouth and then he leans in, reaches for her head and tries to NOM it! The first time he did it, all I could think was, "Oh, please, Mogrunt, don't be THAT kid!" He hasn't managed to bite her and I don't think he can get his mouth open wide enough to chew on her head anyway, but it still makes my heart stop a little - even though Little C's mom is laughing too.


  1. lovely FOs, and such an adorable little NOMming, toothing mogrunt!

  2. It's only when he starts gnawing on her throat that you really need to worry.

  3. Fabulous FOs. And Mogrunt is the best FO of the all!

  4. Have I mentioned that the Mogrunt actually makes my ovaries hurt? He's SO damn cute. Nice FOs too - who's the new Balsam for?

  5. amazing that our little guys were born on the same day - and that they both have two teeth now too! milo is gnawing on anything and everything, which sometimes means my shoulder.

    fantastic knits - your little guy is a lucky and well-dressed little fellow.