Tuesday, March 30, 2010

About My Husband and His Music

It's been 14 years now since Mr. Happy and I went on our first date. We went for supper and I was so nervous, I could barely devour the delicious meal we had at that restaurant. And I'm sure I don't remember the plot of the movie we watched. Nor do I really remember what we talked about sitting on the couch at my apartment until 2am.

But I do remember this: as he said goodbye to me that night, the words "I love you" were forming in my mind. It was as if, on a cellular level, I knew that he was the one I would spend my life with. It's hokey, but it's true. He later confessed that he felt the same.

I've been horribly cranky with him this spring. I'm worried about any number of things and this lends itself to me being short with him. He has a million things on his mind as well, so between the two of us, we're more scattered and cranky than usual. We're making an effort, though, to pay attention to how we talk to each other, especially in front of our wee lad. It helps that life is sometimes so ridiculous that it makes us laugh.

example: I was cranky yesterday morning in the kitchen. I can't even remember what it was about. I just know that me, before lunch = Crankminster Fuller. I was making some food for the Mogrunt. Green beans to be precise. I had run them through the blender and was pouring them through a strainer when I decided I could speed the process along by tapping the container on the table. I then walked into the living room and said, "Look what I just did. I'm wearing green beans on my sweater." He laughed and I laughed and all was right in the world.

That's the thing about Mr. Happy. He can make me laugh when no one else can. He understand my brain, my sense of humour and well, me. He gets me. And he calls me on things when I need it. Lately, I've needed it alot.

And I hope that he can say the same about me. That I get him. That I know him. that I understand his brain, his sense of humour and him.

Because he really does make me Mrs. Happy. I can't imagine my life without him.

This February, Mr. Happy released his first solo album ever. "First Day of Summer Life". Named after a certain young man.

After four (was it four?) albums with The Heavy Blinkers, he has struck out on his own. He had been working on the songs for quite a while and finally spent a month last fall locked away in his studio, finishing up the album. (One of the songs he wrote well in advance of us finding out about the Mogrunt. Oddly enough, there is a line in that song which goes "it'll all come true in the month of June", which is when the Mogrunt was born.)

Of course, I love the album. I'm really glad that I married a guy who writes music I like. I can't imagine what I would have done if he decided to write death metal. I mean, I know there are people who love that kind of music, but I'm not one of them. I'm just glad he didn't have a mid-life crisis that involved screaming lyrics. I'm not implying this is a mid-life crisis, I'm just saying that death metal would be one for him.

The album has received some great reviews. It seems I'm not the only one who loves his work. I'm so proud of him, always have been.

If you're interested in hearing the album, you can do so on his Myspace page:

Andrew Watt and the Glory Glory

If you're interested in reading some reviews:

Ben Rayner's Reason's To Live, The Toronto Star

Grayowl Point

Quick Before It Melts

And if you want to buy the album, you can do so on iTunes. But if you're looking for a disc, let me know!

Thanks for listening. Thanks for reading.


  1. Your husband has a very nice voice. I bookmarked his site and when I next sit down to knit I'll give it a better listen.

  2. Nice post, Steph. Sometimes we all need to stand back and take stock of what's going on around us, if for no other reason than to realise that indeed it is not all about us. Other people are impacted by our actions, as much as we ourselves are impacted.

    And please sign me up for a CD and let me know when and how I can pick it up. We'll be in your hood next Tuesday morning, actually, as TLW and I go for one of her (now) weekly checkups. Gotta hear that 'bungabungabunga' heartbeat again. (It's been too long.)