Sunday, March 28, 2010

This Little Face

Little Red Riding Hoodie
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This little face gets me every time. I spend more time looking at this little face now than I ever spent looking at my own as a teenager (when I spent a lot of time in front of the mirror trying to determine if I was dorky looking in a variety of poses - the answer, always yes, dork!).

I love waking up with this face beside mine in the bed. I love the way this little face makes Mr. Happy's face just that - Mr. Happy. I can't believe I MADE that little face.

He's so funny, my little Mogrunt. He amazes me with what he sees, what he does, what captures his attention and how it shows on his face. He purses his lips in concentration, just like his great-grandmother. He sticks his tongue out, (likely feeling his teeth) while he plays, reminding me of stories of his Auntie Suzie reading a book with her tongue between her lips (she did this as a child, she's managed to stop now that she's a grownup). He has a sneaky smile, just like my Grampy Taylor, which makes me ever so grateful for genetics. His eyes sparkle when he's being silly, just like his dad.

We're heading into new territory with this little face. In two all too short months I will be heading back to work and I will not spend my entire day looking at that little face. While I've missed my coworkers (ok, some, not all), I've found a suitable replacement for their company.

I'm drinking up all of that little face that I can right now. I hope you don't mind indulging me while I do.

Sleepy boy

Robot overalls


  1. Enjoy it while you can "this little face" doesn't last very long...He is so incredibly cute though...I always loved sleeping babes--they are proof that all is well with the world.

  2. Anonymous1:11 p.m.

    Treasure every moment with that sweet little face. Kiss it everytime you get a chance too and snuggle the nape of his neck too.
    TIme goes too quickly!


  3. He is adorable! I completely understand staring at that beautiful face all day long.

  4. oh my - those are the most adorable photos ever.

    and wow, do i ever understand what you're going through. my return date is june 7th and i wish i could freeze time right now. 9ish months is such a sweet age, and i'm not quite ready to spend more than an hour without milo.

    if it helps any, when i went back to work after my first mat leave it wasn't nearly as bad as i thought. and although babies are wonderful - toddlers are pretty awesome too. and then one day they become 5 and it's pretty fantastic.