Friday, August 27, 2010

Sunny Days

Watching Daddy Mow
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We've had the most beautiful summer in quite a few years. Other summers we have had so much rain that we spent the season dashing around the yard with the lawn mower on the dry days before the clouds threatened again. This summer has been sunny and warm and glorious. Really.

We've spent almost every weekend doing something fun... going to the market, the beach, a wedding (at a winery), a birthday party, hosting impromptu barbecues, eating outside whenever we think of it, and enjoying the out of doors as much as we can. All too soon we'll be cuddled up under blankets, staring out at snowy scenery.

Last weekend we went to "The Incredible Picnic" at the Dartmouth waterfront. There were booths with local food producers, entertainment, and fun. A local adventure farm had a few animals there for the kids to see. The Mogrunt got very excited about a baby goat.

Mogrunt meets Goat

He wasn't quite sure what sign he should use for it. It wasn't quite a dog or a cat, but he didn't know the sign for goat. The goat, for her part, didn't quite know what sign to use for the Mogrunt, so she wandered away for a drink.

Quite smart for a young goat

The Mogrunt is all sorts of fun now. He's practicing words, "Cat" (pronounced "dat") being his favourite right now. He's working on "light", "dog", "hat", "shoes" and "ball". He's picked up saying, "Uh oh", "Whoa" and "Yay!" from the other kids he spends his days with. It cracks me up when he drops something and says, "Uh oh!" or manages to clip the straps on his high chair and then stops to clap and say, "YAY!"

I still have moments when the sight of him chokes me up simultaneously with love for him and sorrow for the fact that my mother is not here to enjoy him. I guess that will never go away.

Since coming back to work I've managed to knit most of a sweater for me, a wee pair of socks for the Mogrunt and I've just started another pair of socks for the Mogrunt. Like I said, soon enough the snow will fly and we'll want those warm socks.

I hope your summer has been sunny both in the literal and figurative sense.

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  1. It has been a lovely summer, and I'm a little heartbroken that it's rapidly coming to an end.