Thursday, September 16, 2010


Yesterday we took a long overdue drive to one of our favourite places - the Annapolis Valley.

Mr. Happy had been working in the Valley last week on a film shoot. They had shot some scenes at a local beach and he wanted to show it to me. We pulled the sleeping Mogrunt out of the back seat, carefully picked our way down the path to the beach and were treated to this:


The Mogrunt wandered out onto the beach, quiet except for our voices and the cries of the birds flirting (fighting?) above our heads, raised his arms up and shouted...


That was exactly how I felt. It was a beautiful place. The tide was out - and those that know the Bay of Fundy understand that this meant the beach went on for what seemed like forever.

You doubt me? Here, look for yourself. We were about two-thirds of the way from the high tide mark at this point (if the tide was high, we would be under about 15-20 feet of water here):

A whole lot of walking

I grew up on the other side of this body of water - no, not the land you can see on the horizon (that's actually where my dad grew up) - and I still feel a fierce sense of home whenever I'm near it.

At the beach

The boy had a great time running around on the beach - we eventually took off his shoes and once he got over the feeling of the sand (still mushy and wet from the departing tide) under his feet - and I think he wore off some energy.

Barefoot Boy

When it was time to leave, well, let's just say he didn't go quietly.

Moments after we drove out the road, the sky opened up in the kind of torrential downpour that only seems to happen around farm country. Thank goodness we weren't out on that beach when it happened.

We grabbed some lunch in Port Williams, then headed up to Gaspereau Valley Fibres where I picked up some "Kitchen Sink Lopi" from Legacy Lane. It's listed on their site as a novelty yarn, which something in me finds offensive. It's beautiful, colourful and soft, so maybe it is a "novelty" for the Lopi name. I also picked up a copy of Ysolda Teague's Ishbel. I can't wait to knit that up. Surely I have something in the stash for it.

From there we stopped for a quick visit with the lovely Lala who has always said, "Stop by when you're in the neighbourhood!" Little did she know that we would take her up on the offer one day! If you've not seen Lala's artwork, you must click that link. She's a kindred spirit to fibre lovers everywhere.

After leaving Lala's hideaway, we headed for the farm market where we picked up some Gravensteins (which rival Cortlands as my favourite apple), and pears before grabbing a coffee at Just Us and then heading home.

It was a perfect day, made only more perfect by this:

Double rainbow

A double rainbow that arched over our heads. The brightest bow ended right over the highway. And for those of you who have been looking at my photos on Flickr and have quote the "Double Rainbow" song, asking, "What does it mean?"... Let me tell you this:

When a double rainbow ends on the 103, it means that the roadkill is wearing green pants, a green hat and black shoes... and there are gold coins scattered all over the highway.


  1. Oh, what fun!! Must share an image of DH's -- one he painted numerous times, then had a print made ( Scroll down to "RUNNING FREE"! That's Katie at about age 3-4 (now 25).
    ; )

  2. Looks like a great trip!

  3. Babies on the beach just make me happy! What a fun time.

    LOL! Double Rainbow all the way!

  4. It was a deeelight to see you on my doorstep :)
    Happy you took the time to find us and you are still most welcome anytime for tea and treats and perhaps a walk in the forest if everyone is up for it :)

  5. That beach sounds amazing!

  6. A fun thing to do with kids here, especially around the age of your little guy is go out on the sand/mud at low tide and let the tide chase you in. Its surprising how fast it actually goes! My little guy loves it!