Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Growing Up

My boy by Sesser
My boy, a photo by Sesser on Flickr.
This morning as I drove my still wee, but at the same time, so big, boy to daycare, we were talking about growing.

We had passed a "digger" on the way to drop his dad off at work and were excited to see a smaller "digger" on our way to the daycare. I asked him if he thought that the little digger would grow up to be a big digger. He, of course, thought this was a great idea and that the little digger would soon be a big boy.

There is a magic about growth, isn't there?

When you're pregnant, you spend 40 weeks fascinated with your baby's growth and a little horrified at the growth of your waistline.

When your baby is born, you spend the first year of their life, constantly sorting through their clothes, marvelling and mourning a little, as they grow. My cousin's child once grew out of a pair of sleepers over night!

When you're a child, there are goals that are achieved through growth:
Walking, talking, wearing big boy or big girl undies, riding trikes, bikes, crossing the street, playing outside until dark, being allowed on different rides at the fairgrounds...

I am loving the concept of growth these days as I watch my tow-headed boy grow. I remember anticipating growth for myself as a child - praying and hoping I would be taller than I am. I may only be 5'1" (and a bit) on the outside, I am 6 feet tall on the inside on my good days.

My boy, he's the most adorable little elf these days. In this photo, he's standing under the trees in an apple orchard. I wonder how long he'll be able to do that.

While he may not grow to be 6 feet tall, it's going to be magic watching him.


  1. How wonderful... It certainly is magic. Wow.

  2. Oh - He's a handsome little fella! seems like just yesterday you introduced him on the blog :) It sure is nice to see how far he's come

  3. What a sweet face. My how he's grown. It's incredible how fast it all happens. I see school coming and it's striking a bit of terror in my heart. So I'm trying to cherish every moment until then.