Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer - Cottaging

dandelions by Sesser 
What a wonderful summer we've had. After last year's rainy summer (wherein our raincoats earned their keep as did umbrellas, gills and rain boots) we did not fail to appreciate any sunny day this summer. Ok, ok, maybe the ones that were stiflingly hot and humid last week weren't our favourites, but it's August and we've been spoiled.

We've had more cottage days this summer than any other in recenty memory. This has been oh-so nice for our entire family.

We spent the July 1st weekend at Mr. Happy's family cottage with our dear friend, her daughter and their dog. Her partner was away on course and she bravely took us up on a last minute invite to Grand Lake, NB. More particularly, Dykeman's Cove. She was treated to the best that Grand Lake has to offer:

Wonderful swimming.
Blueberries in the field
Sunny skies
Supper outside on the deck
A fabulous thunder and lightning storm
Fireworks (which actually took place at the same time as the lightning - it was a competition between man and nature)
The extended family
A walk around Robertson's Point
Dandelions in the field (as seen above)

We reluctantly came home, worked for a couple of weeks and headed for the cottage again.  This time, just the three of us. It was the first time in many, many years that Mr. Happy has spent an entire week at the cottage. It was so good for all of us.

Again, it was the best of Grand Lake, but included some extras, like float planes:


and toy ones that look just like the real thing:


Water fights with dad:

Look out, dad

New boats:
Pulling his new boat

Avisit with Grampy and Nanny:

Grampy and his boy 

Walks down Timber Lane:

 The walk down Timber Lane

Moments of subtle beauty:

Robertson's Point evening walk

and not so subtle:

Robertson's Point evening walk

and moments when we celebrated being just where we were:

YAY! Grand LAKE!

It was truly lovely. We were completely done in but not quite cottaged out when we came home. But that is for the next post. 

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