Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Time to think

This past holiday season, I had a lot of time to think.

I had a lot of time to think because I spent a lot of time like this:

So very sick

and like this:


Yes, we were those lucky souls who came down with the flu this holiday season. I had 11 glorious days off in a row, thanks to saved up vacation time and how the holidays fell this year and I spent 10.5 of them, plus three more, either sick or in recovery. Merry freaking Christmas.

Here's how we looked on Christmas Eve (he's kissing his baby brother - yup, you read that right):

Christmas Eve
Little did we know that a sinister virus was lurking. We managed to get our treats out for Santa and write him a note:
Writing his letter to Santa

We even had an ok Christmas morning. How could you not with this guy in your house?

Christmas Day
Christmas Day

Mr. Happy fell ill on December 23rd with the flu (I only had a cold at this point).  On Christmas day, an hour before the turkey I was roasting for family dinner at my SIL's house was done, I sat down on the couch and took my temperature: 101F or 38.3C. Either way, not good. Especially not good as I am 6 months pregnant (obviously, more on that later). Add to that the fact that the Mogrunt came down with the same fever within hours of me. Fun times!

We were a sorry lot. Phone calls were made. Turkey and presents were picked up. Dinner was delivered later on. Thankfully, by the second day of our fever, Mr. Happy was feeling capable of caring for the Mogrunt and I. 

The long and the short of it is, the fever lasted 3 days, then came back for the Mogrunt, briefly. We were left with a horrible cough (feeling like my ribs were cracked and no stomach muscles to help with the coughing) and I ended up with case of sinusitis that required antibiotics to fix. So, while the Mogrunt and his dad went back to daycare and work on January 2nd, I continued my Lennon and Ono style "bed-in" for a few more days.

This, this my friends, is when I watched a lot of episodes of Bones on Netflix (and wondered who did the foley on it because, ew), rejoiced every time the baby kicked (when you're pathetically sick, you start to worry about the wee one) and finally felt well enough to knit. When I get myself organized, I'll show you what I worked on.

I also thought about my upcoming year. Baby boy number two is on the way!  I've been posting my #38andpregnant experience on Twitter, which hopefully I'll remember to share in another post.

We've got roughly 15 weeks until this new baby is born, so naturally, given my experience the first time, I've started nesting nice and early.

When I wasn't mentally rearranging furniture and rooms in our house, I was mentally repainting the entire house.  Since recovering from the Christmas Plague, I've gone through closets, cleaned up my sewing room, destashed yarn, cleaned up my bookshelf and ordered a full scale basement cleanup which Mr.Happy has undertaken.

And I'm excited to start blogging again a little more regularly. I've finally caught up with posting photos on Flickr, and I need to take some more of little projects I've got on the go.

2013, you've already kicked me in the face (sinusitis feels like that), so we've got nowhere to go but up.

Bring it!


  1. Anonymous9:01 p.m.

    Congratulations! I love being the mom of two (now grown-up) boys! It's awesome.

    I hope you continue to improve. Just wanted to say hi from your old pal down south.

  2. Yay! Congrats on baby number two! Having two is amazing, I'm loving it! It's wonderful watching them interact. Glad that your fam is recovered.

  3. I love is the mother of two children (adults) boy now! This is terrible.