Sunday, December 14, 2014

Conversations with the Mogrunt

My oldest boy is now 5 and we are having some pretty fun conversations as of late. The kid is amazing - no really, I'm pretty sure you'd love him to if you met him. 

Of course, I'm his mom, so I'm legally required to say that. But don't trust me, trust an outside source: One of the leaders at his after school program came up to me last week and said, "You know, I really like having the Mogrunt around. He's a pretty great kid." Considering this woman sees 100s of kids every day, I consider this high praise. 

And I have to agree, he's a pretty great kid. He's kind and considerate, he looks out for others (his little brother included), he's only a little bit of a stinker and he loves his Mama. What's not to love? 

His imagination, his view of the world, his earnestness are apparent in our conversations. Listening to him, my heart feels the world again the way I did as a child and I get teary-eyed, wishing that the world could remain as innocent and wonderful as the one he sees. (The one where the only kinds of guns that people have are Nerf, squirt, and bubble.)

I thought I should make a regular habit of documenting our conversations so that I don't forget them. So, here, as part of an ongoing series:

Conversations with the Mogrunt 

Those eyes

Post Holiday concert (December 11):

Mogrunt: How come some of the girls' hair looked different tonight?
Me: Well, some of their moms would have curled the girls' hair or braided it. Is that what you mean?
Mogrunt: oh. Layla just had a ball of hair. Like a big dirt ball at the back of her head.
Me: *laughing uncontrollably* A dirt ball? 
Mogrunt: Yeah, it was a big ball of hair. Why are you laughing?

He has a keen eye for detail, but we need to work on his descriptions.

Translation (December):
Mogrunt: Mom, what's the word for leg in French?
Me: Jambe
Mogrunt: What's the word for go?
Me: Uh, vas-y?
Mogrunt: MOM! Jambe-vas-y! It's Lego in French!

On Canada (October):
Mogrunt: I really love Canada. Do you know what I love best about Canada?
Andrew: No, tell us what it is.
Mogrunt: We have really great libraries. 
Me: You're right about that, little man. 

On Gym Teachers and Their Unusual Names (October):
Mogrunt: Hey Mom, we have a new gym teacher.

Me: You do? What's her name?

Mogrunt: It's a guy, Mom. His name is Mr. Peabody.

Me: Really? Mr. Peabody? That's a fun name to say.
Mogrunt: It's pretty funny, isn't it, Mom? His name is Pee-potty!

Me, laughing: Bud, it's not Pee-potty, it's Peabody! Pee-potty isn't a name.

Mogrunt: What? It's not Pee-potty? Ba ha ha ha ha!

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