Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Caffeine and Me

This morning I actually woke up at 7am. This does not mean that I got up at 7am, oh no. But when I did crawl out of bed, I went downstairs and put on the kettle to make coffee in the French press. I ran around in my usual state of early morning panic – although I know it is impossible, I always try to do too many things before leaving for work in the morning – clothes came out of washer, more clothes went into the wash, packed lunch, drank coffee, consumed cereal, prepared package for mailing, requested husband to please step aside while I dove for paper under computer desk (thanks, honey), same husband was also requested to hang clothes on line later in morning (I know it’s November, I know it’s cold, but I’m clinging to the idea of reducing our energy consumption)… etc, etc.

By the time I arrived at work, I felt like I was having heart palpitations. I settled in at my desk and only moments later, someone upstairs dropped something. It sounded like they dropped a sledgehammer. It sounded like Thor was up there. I screamed *insert appropriate “my heart just exploded in my chest” expletive here*. You could hear dirt falling between the upstairs floor and our ceiling. Everyone in the office ran down the hall to see if I was ok. The looks on their faces told me that they expected to see me sitting at my desk covered in dust, wearing a piece of ceiling tile on my head like a fancy hat. Instead, they found me holding both hands over my heart to make sure it was still beating.

I’m still feeling jumpy.
I told my coworker that my fingers were tingling. She laughed. Some of my coworkers like to scare each other and then ask, “Did it make your fingers tingle?” A good scare will do that…

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  1. your nuts! that's why I miss you!!!!!!