Monday, November 15, 2004

Knitting? What knitting? Oh, that KNITTING...

Ok, ok... so I'm supposed to be showing you photos of my knitting. Yeah, yeah. Hold your needles ladies. I'll get to it, eventually. I'm still sorting out how to use this thing. And, well, if you have seen the weather report today, you'll know why I don't have any knitting photos today. I was going to go out this morning and take some photos, I really, really was. But instead, I was wearing knitted items as I cursed and shovelled wet snow.

Let's pretend there are photos here. Use your imagination:
Photo 1: Fuzzy Feet photo - Cascade yarn, admire the blue. I'm almost ready to start the toe shaping. See the piles of Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride in the back? Those skeins are waiting to become Fuzzy feet. Yup, all of those skeins. Don't bother to count them. And don't ask if you're on the recipient list. B/c if you aren't, and you think you should be, then I will weep, openly and without shame.

Photo 2: Four pretty "balls" of yarn - these 3 peace fleece (one pink, one raspberry, one black) and 1 Custom Woolen Mills (khaki) are waiting to become two Brioche hats from Weekend Knitting - one for me, one for the man with the crazy hair (that's the husband). I wound them on the ball winder at my LYS. I could use that ball winder all day and never cease to be amazed at the little "cakes of yarn" it makes.

Photo 3: Me, wearing my Briggs and Little Red Devil hat (sans horns), and my snowpants and big winter jacket. Yes, I do appear to be glaring at the snow. Yes, I am struggling to hold on to the shovel. Yup, it's windy. Let's move on.

Photo 4: My angry little footprints, leading up the driveway to the house.
End photos.

Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen, I gave up. I'm praying for the miracle of rain. Rain, baby, rain. Make the snow go away.

Moving on to the Knitting!
I'm working on Christmas presents and such, of course. No self-respecting knitter is working on anything but Christmas presents at this time of year. Well, Christmas presents and maybe a hat for his/herself... ok, maybe a scarf... alright, maybe a sweater... but certainly not anything with cables or anything complicated. Not being the super-experienced knitter, I haven't reached the point where I dare work on a sweater for myself while working on Christmas presents. I'm sure others are working on sweaters BUT I am working on a pair of socks for myself. The Petticoat socks from Weekend Knitting. Oh yes I am. Well, so far it's Petticoat Sock. And barely sock, more like Petticoat So. I'm only a couple of pattern sets past the cuff. I'm loving the pattern. And I'm loving the yarn. And if I wasn't such a lazy arse, I would get up off this couch right now, check the label on the yarn and tell you what it is... But I think my leg muscles have atrophied. My husband would probably check for me, but he's on the other couch switching from reality tv and the news and then over to the American Music Awards. We only have 3 channels, so it's not so much channel surfing as it is channel avoiding. He's doing a running commentary on the artists who are lip-synching (Gwen Stefani and John Mayer)... and then on the ones who aren't (Bon Jovi). Watching music awards shows with a musician / sound engineer takes all the glamour away.

Oh, and now we're watching the news. Seems I might not have to work tomorrow. We've been hit by a lovely early winter storm and it knocked down the power transmission towers in the industrial park where I work. I'll have to wait to hear the news tomorrow to know for sure.

Wait, no, I'm talking about knitting. FOCUS ON THE KNITTING. Right. Well, there are lots of Fuzzy Feet socks on the list, and scarves and hats (and mittens if I figure out the pattern one of the Holy Trinity left for me).

The Christmas projects are piling up. I don't know why I do this to myself. I want to sew a blanket for my new four-legged nephew. And make the same kind for my two-legged niece. A few years ago I made personalized blankies for my nieces and nephews. The newest niece was born after the original blanket run. All the other blankets are fleece and mattress ticking with their initial on a corner. I also want to make some other fun things, that I shouldn't name here in case one of the recipients is reading (Minou).

How many days until Christmas? sigh. Does anyone know how I can get a cardboard box that I can use for a cloning machine and a transmogrifier? hee hee... (a little Bill Watterson humour for my pal, Les)

Urgh... finishing blog entry now. Must go chat on msn with pal.


  1. I won't tell my mommy what you made/are making her... But you have to tell me what you want to make for me! I'll send you my measurements whatever you want...
    I'm sorry you are in the snow - I don't like the rain or the snow. I think I want to move to mexico...... if I was there I would curl up on your stomach and help keep you warm.

  2. me again.. my mommy wanted me to tell you that she is going to join a knitting whatchmacallit with Mandy! ha ha ha!!! She will join the inner circle of the knitters! ha ha haaaaaaa......heh heh heh....when are you moving to vancouver to knit with her?