Sunday, November 21, 2004

Why I have the best friend in the entire world...

Minou's mommy has posted my fuzzy feet photos on her server so that I can post them here for your viewing pleasure...

She's the best. Not only is she an incredibly talented designer - please see - BUT she's cool. 'scuze me while I drop her name here...

These are fuzzy feet for a certain package courier... and dear family friend.

Made with Cascade 220.

These are the package courier fuzzy feet with the step-mom fuzzy feet - mmmmm... grapey. (Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride).

I will not be posting the photo of me wearing my amazing friend's belated b-day present on my head like a freak. Despite it's resemblance to a helmet, I really don't want people seeing the photographic evidence of my insanity. I'll be displaying my insanity in living colour at our holiday party next month.

My first photos are up. Granted the quality isn't the best... but it's nearly 1:30am... it's not like I live in the land of the midnight sun... wait a minute... Oh dear dog - is it really almost 1:30am? I'm going to bed now! gnight.

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