Monday, November 22, 2004

Free Bit of Happy for Today

Sometimes I can be a real Ms. Crankypants. Cranky McCrankster... especially on days when I have to wake up using an alarm clock. Or days when I'm rudely awakened by someone barping their horn on the street outside my house... And then there's the crankiness brought on by my "Monica Geller"-like need for order - although, if you saw my house, you would think I was telling a very heinous lie... there is a HOLE in my KITCHEN CEILING.

Anyhoo, in an attempt to remind myself that life is too bloody short to be so bloody uptight, might I present free bits of happy for today (this is as opposed to the bits of happy that cost us under $10)... now, mind you, there will be no naughty bits on this blog, so the "free bits of happy" will not include anything of a salacious nature... then again, I suppose that depends on what turns your crank. MOVING ON!

Happy bits for today:
1. My dad sharing a story about seeing two cow moose fighting for territory - doesn't seem like something I should be thrilled about, but my dad told me that he had never seen moose do this outside of the television. He was very excited about it and seemed to only momentarily regret not having had his camera with him.
2. Sharing above story with people I was working with today and forgetting to describe the animals in full. As a result, trainees were envisioning COWS with their hackles up, standing on their hind legs with their udders flapping wildly about as they mooed loudly to protect their territory. MOO!
3. Finishing up weekend training session an hour and a half early on a sunny day!
4. Telling a friend about this blog - waves to J, "Hi J!" - and having friend admit to wanting to start her own blog, therefore reinforcing that I'm not a complete and utter yarn geek and perhaps I'm not a geek at all.
5. Hearing manager laugh during training session today - hmmmmm... if I could bottle that laughter we would be rich, rich I tell you! Actually, if I gave it away for free, there would be world peace b/c everyone would be laughing too hard to do anything mean.
6. I posted photos last night. Yay!!!!!!
7. My husband took those photos for me! I think he did it 'cause he loves me. Well, maybe he's just trying to get a pair of fuzzy feet for himself.

That's enough for now. I'm feeling giddy and there are movies to be watched!

Next time - Happy you can buy for under $10 (here's a sample- Burt's Bees)...

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