Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happiness For Under $10

In the spirit of the title of this blog, may I present to you some things that make me happy (and could possibly entertain you as well) and just happen to cost less than $10:

1. Burts Bees Lip Shimmer - all the goodness of Burt's Bees lip balm, but with colour! Colour AND the soothing menthol. I'm a total BB lip balm addict in the winter - It's the Canadian winter! I'm already dried up and it's only late November!

2. A bag of Hershey's kisses and a loto ticket - The chocolate kills the disappointment when my numbers don't match the winning numbers.

3. Metro Transit - for a mere $1.75 I can hop on the ferry and enjoy a "boat cruise" across the harbour to Halifax, where I can find all sorts of happy things for under $10.

4. The Brewery Market - Open only on Saturdays and completely free to enter, but once inside, I can enjoy the musicians who busk there and...
a. Buy two maple leaves for $1 (candies made of maple from the trees, not an actual leaf - those are still free).
b. Grab a fresh squeezed orange juice and a chocolate raspberry croissant from Mary's Bread Basket - the breakfast of champions, well, champions who like a good dose of chocolate in the morning.
c. Buy garlic gouda from "That Dutchman's Farm" and be trusted to put my exact change in his change bowl (trust AND cheese - what more could a girl want?).

5. Magazines - for the most part my favorite mags are still under $10. Phew.

6. Brown Sheep Lamb's pride - One skein is often enough for one Christmas present. Woot!

7. A party pack of Timbits - For those not in the know about Tim Horton's - this is a Cdn chain of coffee / donut shops, with good old straightforward packs-a-punch coffee and donut "holes" called Timbits... or as I like to call them, Little Bits of Tim, or Tim's Bits. 'cause if you can make 'em sound gross, then you don't have to share.

8. Cover charge when my husband's band plays - ok, so this is free 'cause I'm on the guest list - but if they don't have a guest list I do my "I'm with the band" schtick. But if they were to make me pay it's usually less than $10.

9. A movie ticket on cheap night. - It's a date with my husband OR a girl's night out with my sister-in-law.

10. Yard sale fodder or something from my fav. consignment antique shop in Halifax - I bought an LP set called "Night Moves" at a yard sale - it's a disco dancing instruction record and came complete with an illustrated how-to book!


  1. I always love your lists.
    .... and I remember Mary bread basket at the market, Ummmm hmmmmm!!
    You're soo cute!
    I'm so happy when I look and you've posted another entry... so, I'm lonely, what's wrong with that??

  2. hey there my mom wanted to let you know she fnished another pair of fuzzy feet - they look great. She said she woukld take a picture and send it to you soon.. will you be online tomorrow?