Thursday, December 02, 2004


At this very moment, GWB is speaking less than 10 kilometres away from where I am sitting. I'm listening to the live broadcast on CBC and am disappointed to hear the applause of the crowd. Ew, he just said "Canadians can be proud of the part you have played in the (advancement?) of human liberty." Every other line sounds like a passive aggressive threat or false praise - *You're doing a great job, keep working with us and we'll keep working with you.* I'm hoping that the Alberta Beef he ate last night gave him acid reflux this morning. The worst part is, he's quoting our former Prime Ministers in his speech in such a way as to suggest that they would have supported the war in Iraq.

Oh, Gawd, now they're playing fiddles...

Moving on, before my head pops off my shoulders...

I was in Monkey-town over the weekend. My dad had invited me and my husband (A) to meet him and Ivy there for a concert. A couldn't go, so Dad offered to rent a car for me and have my friend, B, go to the concert as my date. I left Friday afternoon in a Niss*n Sentr*. It had a cd player! Something of which my Hond* Civic was deprived. It's easy to speed when you're listening to "The Darkness". geez. Thanks to Minou's Mommy for the great driving cd.

We went to The Living Christmas Tree. It was a good concert - there were some amazing vocalists and some really cute skits, but some parts disturbed me:
1. The lady singing with the choir who didn't smile. Not even a bit.
2. The "light show" on the tree choreographed to the elektronica music - I kept expecting the song "It's Raining Men" to start playing - don't ask me why, it just seemed appropriate.
3. The Celtic Christmas portion - the dancers had very obviously never been to a Highland Dancing class in their lives... and as a later portion of the program revealed, one of them was a rhythmic gymnast (that's part I referred to as "Circe De So Lame").
4. The guy dressed as Jesus who was lowered from the ceiling at the end of the show. The guy had to have been up there the entire time. What was he doing up there? He must have been on that little ledge in the skylight. Was he spending his time in quiet reflective prayer? Was he picking his nose? Was he checking out the rhythmic gymnast? Was he regretting his decision to grow a beard this year?
5. The fact that the guy dressed as Jesus was HOT. I told my friend B's dad that I wasn't sure if Jesus was single as I couldn't figure out if the lack of a wedding band was part of his character or not. But if he was single, I would have tried to get his phone number for B... as long as the guy didn't have some sort of God Complex. heh heh.

But all of that didn't stop me from enjoying the concert. Thanks Dad! I had a great time! And I got to go Christmas shopping on Saturday with my Dad and Ivy. It was great - Santa bought me a new microwave and he told me that I didn't have to wait until Christmas to open it! Santa is just awesome! I can't believe how excited I am about a new microwave! I'm feeling sad for my old microwave, though... It's the one I got for a graduation present 12 years ago. I told it that I would find it a good home - perhaps at my in-laws' cottage.

Fibre news: I went to London-Wul Farms on my way out of Moncton. Wow. What a great shop. They're building a piece on the shop and there was a photographer there taking photos for the EconoMuseum. The owner was there, about to start a spinning class with 5 or 6 ladies. I was enthralled and could have stayed and stared for hours, but I had to return the rental car, so I purchased my yarn and hit the highway. I can see that London-Wul will be a regular pit-stop on the way home from now on. I'm sure A will love it. oh oh oh they had some needle felting kits too! I'm feeling a new artistic endeavor coming on!

I'll take photos of the yarn on the weekend. It's always dark by the time I get home from work!

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