Sunday, December 05, 2004

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday,Saturday

My shoulders are tense tonight. In the last week I've only knit about 40 rows on a silly silky scarf and about 3 rows on a pair of slippers for a Christmas gift. I've never procrastinated with wool before; it's a new but familiar sensation - kind of like when I used to procrastinate when writing essays...

When I was in university I would begin a 2000 word essay at 11pm on the night before it's due date. Oh yes indeedy, I would. And I would stay up until 2am, typing like a fiend (have I mentioned how glad I am that I took typing in high school? Bird course? HA!)... go to bed and then get up early, and skip all my classes that day in order to finish the essay. Then I would rush over to the English department (which, at Dalhousie was, at the time, actually a cute little house) to drop off my essay just before the deadline. The professor would have a bemused smile as I departed, but despite this rather irresponsible approach to my work, I must say, I managed to pull off pretty good marks. Oh, did I mention that I would always drop off the essay while still wearing my pajamas? At four o'clock in the afternoon. Hee hee.

So now I've got that "evening before an essay deadline" feeling in my stomach again, like I know I'm goofing off, but I can't help myself. This time Christmas is the deadline. I won't be knitting tonight - I've got a party to go to, about which I'm kind of excited - it's at the house of one of the people on my husband's production team. She seems like a lot of fun, so it should be interesting. I don't know that I'll get a lot done tomorrow as I have another party to go to in the afternoon. It's a dear friend's suprise 40th b-day. I made the cake this afternoon: Chocolate Cheesecake. I haven't made this in ages, but it's one of her favorites and mine too!

Ok, I had better get going - I must get ready for the par-tay!

tchau, amigas!

*edited later - holy crapola, i did a bad job on this post - it's amazing that I ever passed my English classes!*

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  1. Should I start calling you Carrie??
    Holy socialite Batman! I've been scrouging to find some party to go to for christmas! Such is life in a new city with an uncaring military community! bitter, no. Bored with a literal capital "B", quite true indeedy! I need somewhere to wear my sequins and boa... damn.