Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I Love My Washing Machine...

Oh yes I do.
Three Christmas presents were "felted" last night. Three! My dad's slippers, my father-in-law's slippers and my step-sister's Sophie bag.

You know how sometimes the pattern says "You may have to run this through the wash twice to achieve the desired blah blah blah, yada, yada." I'm sure others among you have figured this out, but on my machine, if I leave the top open it will agitate, but it won't go into the spin cycle. So if I throw something in to be felted and I leave it, the washer won't spin. Then I check the stuff and if it needs more time, then I just turn the washer off and spin the dial back to the first of the cycle and voila, more agitation!

I love my ancient and somewhat decrepit washer. Like the Yarn Harlot, I don't know if my Mr. Washie will come out of the basement if it's soul goes to that great Appliance Repair shop in the sky. I'm going to treat him well while I have him with me.

"Only about 10 Christmas gifts to go", she said as her left eye twitched.

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  1. you crack mommy up. She always laughs when she reads your blog over my shoulder. Mommy says our washing machine is stupid. It is digital so once it is on that is it - you can't restart it, it locks it self shut so you can't open it, you just have to sit there until it lets out this horrible alarm to say it is finished. I always bark at it to tell it to be quiet. Mom says she wishes she had a regular washing machine and she will never buy one of these silly computerized ones. She does like not having to go to a laundrymat though.