Friday, December 17, 2004

Here's the list...

I'll be checking it twice. No worries, almost everyone has been nice, and as for those who've been naughty, well, the word naughty makes me grin, so even the naughty people will be getting gifts from me this year. However, if you were rude, obnoxious, self-important or just plain old annoying this year, you will be getting NOTHING from me, 'cause none of those adjectives make me grin.

Dad - Fuzzy Feet Slippers in a green tweed (and a small stash of little gifts that I've bought over the year)
Ivy - Fuzzy Feet Slippers in a Webber vitamin bottle top purple(and my homemade chocolates - this woman is just so easy!)
Grandma #1 - wrap/scarf made with Cherry Tree hill yarn
Grandpa #1 - not entirely sure. He's 90+. He's also an amputee - can't really give him slippers, can I? I could give him a single slipper, but these slippers are actually slippery and he doesn't really need any help with instability.
Grandma #2 - fuzzy, purple alpaca scarf
Grandpa #2* - an addition to his collection of cds - I do this every year. I know he loves it. He'll be okay if he doesn't get a knitted item. - NOT DONE

(*NOTE: Yes, four grandparents. I'm very fortunate to be almost thirty-*cough**cough*-one*cough* and still have all four grandparents. They range in age from 80 to 90.5. Longevity runs in the family - my great-grandfather lived to 103 - but R's great-granny had him beat, right R?)

MIL - Fuzzy Feet slippers in Pink
FIL - Fuzzy Feet slippers in "Jack's Plum"
SIL - Fuzzy feet slippers - black with Sirdar Funky Fur in hot pink mixed into the cuff.
BIL - Fuzzy Feet slippers - in Cascade 220 - NOT DONE

Step-sister - Cascade purse - she's going to think she's getting slippers. Bwah, ha ha ha!
Step-sister's hubbie - fuzzy feet slippers - not sure what colour, maybe striped - NOT DONE

Brother - darned good question... yup.

Three Nieces and two nephews and some friends - all getting same thing - NOT DONE BUT PROTOTYPE HAS BEEN MADE. It's top secret, though, b/c some of the friends read this blog. - and I'm not doing this - the hubby is.

Great-Aunt J- not sure - Fuzzy feet perhaps?
Auntie J and Uncle D - two more sets of Fuzzy feet? Sigh. Movie Passes?
Dear friend, P - hmmmmm... small felted bag?
Dearest pal, R - as if I would tell it here - I'm thinker than you smart I am!
Minou and her Mommy and Daddy - my lips are sealed, or, rather, "mwy mmmph mph mphhhhhhmmmm-ed!

Ok - so I need to go out and get the cd, figure out what to give to Grandpa #1, and knit two more, possibly 5 more sets of fuzzy feet. I think I might make it. I think I might throw up.

Let's review the weekend's activities:
Friday night - Free to knit - yay!

Saturday- Get up, tidy house, make birthday cake, knit all afternoon and evening, go see husband's band play in the evening, knit at bar, get odd stares from rogue club-kids who show up at an indy pop show, give them the "Happy Holidays, so glad I can see your mid-rif and the crack of your arse at the same time, don't you know it's December; you won't be getting a kidney from me after the abuse you're giving yours from being out in the -15 weather dressed like we live in Florida" look that I love to give; wrap party for show hubby worked on will be post show

Sunday - stifle hubby's snoring with pillow, or jam self under his arm and lever him over onto his side; give up, crawl out of bed, put cake together before noon (It's the Chocolate Blackout cake from the Complete Canadian Living Cookbook) - convince husband that he should be making the seafood chowder for the family since it is HIS family that is coming over - get in knitting time after supper?

Thanks for reviewing the list with me, gang. It makes me feel better.
I've got a week, and despite the fact that a total of 9 people will be over for supper on Sunday afternoon, I'm sure it'll all get done.

A big "hello" to R and her Mom and Dad - heard you stopped by to see what all the fuss is about. Not much to see here, really, except the yellow caution tape around me and my holiday panic attack. Can't wait to see you guys on Boxing Day. It's been TOO long!

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