Saturday, December 18, 2004

There is no time...

...for blogging! What am I doing here? What, what, what I ask you? why am I sitting in front of the computer reading other knit-blogs and now putting an entry on mine?

I've vaccuumed and mopped the floor in preparation for tomorrow and the landing of the family. But have I made the cake? NO!
Have a stopped to eat yet? No. But the two cups of caffeine are keeping me going.

It's all a blur, though...

I remember going to Winners - and leaving with NOTHING...
I remember going to Shoppers and leaving with a magazine, fingernail polish and two bags of Hershey's kisses (had to try to caramel).

What am I doing?
It's 3:15pm, and although I went to the yarn store this morning, I now realize that I need to go back. She closes at 4pm. 'scuze me.

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