Sunday, December 19, 2004

The Cake Is Made

...and after the unhappy discovery of mouse turds in my cupboard this morning (that explains all the vacuuming this morning - for which I should probably apologize to my neighbours - I think it was an ungodly hour) ...the cake layers are now sealed in plastic wrap, inside of the giant bowl I use for making bread, and atop the cake pedestal. It's all sitting on my stove. With a small sign that says, "Rodents: bugger off!" I even went so far as to place a large glass plate on top of the cake layers. I was thinking about installing a security system around the cake, but I think that even if the mice have mountaineering equipment, they will have a difficult time getting into this cake.*

And the mousse-like icing (which is this absolutely calorie packed type mountain of sin in a bowl) is chilling in the refrigerator. mmmmmmmmmm... checked the recipe tonight - the cake is supposed to make 12 servings. There are 672 calories per serving. Hee hee it is an 8064 calorie cake.

Note to self: Add mousie ear drum blasters to the "Crap, we forgot to get..."shopping list for hubby.

Now I just need to get ready to head to the club for hubby's gig. They don't go on stage until 12:15am. It's the Halifax way. Live music has to carry on until 2am. I'm going to be asleep at the back of the bar - the sad thing is, I have done this before.

Happy note for the evening: My husband's band was nominated for an East Coast Music Award! Scroll down the page to Alternative Recording of the Year. And there they are The Heavy Blinkers. Yay! It's a small Canadian award ceremony; the big Canadian award ceremony being the Junos. This is their second ECMA nomination.

They were nominated a few years ago when the ceremony was held in PEI. That trip wasn't the best experience for us as we were all pretty much broke, there was a blizzard (it's held in Febru-freaking-ary) and we got a flat tire. I'm hoping that this time they'll get an award. They're up against some people who have had some really good press recently. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Must get going. Just got the "aren't you dressed yet?" phone call from the bar.

Oh hey, did I mention that I'm getting a cold?

*You know, I'll probably end up making another cake tomorrow because I'll come home to find a miniature ladder propped up against the bowl.

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