Monday, December 20, 2004


J'ai mal. J'ai mal au(x?) nez, puis, aussi, j'ai mal a la gorge... and the whole gosh darn thing is travelling down into my chest. I can't believe I'm awake right now. I woke up b/c my darling hubby is out helping some friends record a last minute Christmas cd for their family before heading home to Cape Breton for the holidays tomorrow morning. I did the foot slide test to see if he was home yet, a manoeuver (sp? not checking dictionary tonight) so oft used by wives of sound engineers and musicians. He wasn't, so I called to see if there was an ETA... the friends all hollered "Hello!" to me over the phone. *sigh*

My head is totally clogged, so I came downstairs to make myself the magic cold elixir - I boil ginger and lemon together, then sweeten it with honey. I've made it a bunch of times for my hubby, but haven't needed to make it for myself. 4:15am found me holding a piece of BLUE ginger and cursing the fact that I hadn't picked up some new stuff. I'm now waiting for the water to boil so I can drink some of the Ginger Peach tea I keep in the cupboard. Here's hoping it is as effective.

Obvious sign #1 that I'm unwell: Just went out to check status of kettle - I had turned on the wrong burner. Whoops. Good thing I haven't completely lost my sense of smell - I could smell the metallic hot smell of the burner heating up without something on it.

Obvious sign #2: I'm sitting here wearing my slippers, my teddy bear fleece housecoat (my dad is so funny), a fleece blanket around my shoulders and a hat. I'm still cold.

Obvious sign #3: Watery eyes. Quite possibly this is my favourite part of being sick. It's up there on my list with the horrible tightness in your chest when it's full of phlegm. Mmmmmmm... Happy times. (please know that this was typed with as much sarcasm as I can muster at this ungodly hour).

Obvious sign #4: Hello! It's now 4:38am.

Ok, let's backtrack over the events of the weekend... When last we saw our heroine she was feeling only remotely ill and was getting ready to go see her husband's band play live and outside of our basement since returning from their European tour...

I arrived at the bar and was delighted to meet up with our former boarder and his wonderful girlfriend. They've both been very busy with school - her teaching at a local university and him attending another (Exciting 4:42am factoid: there are at 3 universities and 3 colleges in Halifax)- and so we hadn't seen them in a couple of months. I wasn't aware how much I missed them until I saw them. We hung out pretty much the entire night. It was sooooooo good to see them both. I invited them to come over on New Years Day. We've got some friends from New Brunswick coming for the night (R and her pals, T and CL) and we've already decided that we'll be spending the morning eating leftover holiday fare (read chocolates) as well as yummy fruit salad and either French Toast Raphael (my auntie raves about this recipe from the Best Of Bridge ladies - so I've got a call in to the emergency Auntie-helpline) or Jean Pare's take on Eggs Benedict - both of which will be made on Friday. There will be pjs and movies and lots of loafing about. I hope that no one is so hung over that they can't enjoy the goodies.

Anyhooooo... back to the band: It was very obvious that their European trip had left them with more ease on the stage. They were laughing and cracking jokes between songs... even hollering the name of their first fan during one song... This guy was so encouraging to them when they started playing and we were all delighted Saturday night to see him there with his new girlfriend! He's never brought a girl to the shows before, so there was a lot of buzz surrounding the two of them;"Hey, did you see little Scottie _____ ('cause they all call him by his first and last name) with his GIRLFRIEND? Isn't she sweet and adorable? Hee hee!"

And, during the show, I got one of my Christmas presents. See number 5.

Ok, I'm now going to gulp down the rest of my tea and head back to bed. Hubby should be on his way now.


  1. poor lady. poor poor lady. feel better soon!

  2. Hey! I really enjoy reading your blog. Another Haligonian here, (and a knitter too!) I hope that you are feeling better. Je suis triste parce que tu es mal.

  3. awwwww sweets....

    I feel your pain as well.

    I have contracted the virus of the perpetually unprepared at christmas variety which usually strikes as you're staying up way past your bedtime scrambling to get everything you started with good intentions finished... whoa was that an incredible run on sentence or what?? Another thing I'm prone to this time of year along with the "crazies" (frankism) which consists of me losing my patience with him a lot and crying at all times of the day in frustration. Fa la la la!

    fell better babe.