Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I'm Dreaming of a White Day After Boxing Day...

We arrived safely in New Brunswick on Boxing Day, despite having very little sleep the night before - we had gone out to see "The Aviator" on Christmas Day at 9:45pm and the movie didn't get out until almost 1am.

On the way home we stopped in Moncton to see my dear pal, R (aka B) and her parents. We had a lovely visit with them, where we ate what has to be diabetic-inducing Yule log cake. R, I'm still washing that cake down with water - wow, that's some sweet icing! But it's totally

We went on to Saint John for a family dinner at my auntie's house (the auntie whose dessert-goddess crown I covet) before proceeding to the my hometown. Dinner was delicious as always - Uncle J outdid himself. Crown Roast of Pork - the man is on a first name, send you a holiday card, basis with his butcher - it was a gastronomic delight - and I don't like meat!

We awoke on Monday to a good old New Brunswick snowstorm - it was frickin' cold and the snow was blowing everywhere. Despite the weather that would keep most people inside, we decided that we must go in town for breakfast at the mall - the restaurant, the video store and the grocery store at the mall were the only businesses open in town as most were taking Monday as an extra day for the holiday.

My hometown is one of those places that is so small that everyone knows everyone else. When we decided to go out for breakfast, our dear friend P, who owns the video store at the mall asked if we could pick up our neighbour who works at the video store and drive him to work. Once at the restaurant the waitresses told us that they would be closing at noon because of the storm. P decided that she should close the video store as well. So, we went next door to the store where P handed us a bunch of videos to watch and we headed back home with video store guy in the car. Hee hee. (BTW - we got Anchorman and Wimbledon the day before they were released to the public).

Today was much nicer. After breakfast (again at the mall - it's a thing my dad and his wife and their friends do here) we headed over to Calais, Maine for "A Little Bit of Happy" - aka - shopping at Maardens! Maardens, for those of you not blessed with a Can-Am border nearby, (I shudder to think that Maardens is not a Nation-wide American chain) is this discount place. Imagine a collision of Winners (or TJ Maxx) with Canadian Tire, Fabric Ville and Billy Bob's House of Crap. They have everything from discount designer clothes to incredibly bad fibre optic decorations. It's fun to go in and search around for the good stuff. It's like hunting, but for shoppers. We had a great time with my dad and his wife. I bought a down filled off-white Guess jacket for $59.00! I bought some beautiful cotton material for $2.99/yard. My husband even found some tapes for his digi video camera - $13.99 for 6 tapes!

Tomorrow though, I'm going to Cricket Cove. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am. Woot woot.

Must get back to the fam. They're probably wondering where I went!


  1. Anonymous8:19 a.m.

    Saw the snow storm on TV - laughed a bit. Did I mention we have a flower happily growing in our backyard? Luc was out hitting golf balls with only a sweater on? Sigh.......
    Are you back in Dartmouth yet? I miss our chats, don't you have a job to go to?

  2. I figured out how to do my links! YAY! Will you still not let me link to your blog? It is my favourite....

  3. Anonymous9:15 a.m.

    ok me again - can you tell I can't sleep
    this is really weird
    - Ang