Friday, December 24, 2004

Santa's workshop is now closed!

1:30am - That's when the last F'ing fuzzy Foot came off the needles. The very tired elf dropped the completed pair on the floor and tottered off to bed. (My apologies to the designer for calling them F'ing Fuzzy Feet - it's a WONDERFUL pattern - I absolutely LOVE it. But having made 9 pairs in about 1.5 months, well, I'm sure you would understand... wouldn't you?)

This morning, selfsame elf called her day job and halfheartedly said, "cough, cough." To which the receptionist responded, "Oh dear, you're deathly ill, aren't you? You shouldn't come in." The elf and the receptionist chatted for a bit. Upon hanging up the phone the elf realized just how much she loves this particular receptionist.

The last three pairs of FFF are now drying upstairs... relaxing after their photo shoot. Speaking of which, here, for your viewing pleasure are all of the Christmas presents together:

Ok, take a moment. Step back. Say it with me "Holy Sh*t". I can't believe they're done. Now, however, I'm experiencing the pure terror of someone who has never made anything that had to FIT anyone before (Angela, I still think that green Kittyville hat is too small. A good friend wears your crappy knitted projects and insists they're fine.)... I've almost convinced myself that these slippers will fit all of their intended recipients. Almost. The paranoia is running deep. I will not breathe again until after tomorrow morning.

You'll notice that there are only 7 pairs of FFF in this photo - two pairs went to Japan already.

The items in the top row are - two mini sweaters; a black scarf made with some super soft Geisha microfibre (the lable says Le Fibre nobili by filatura cervinia); a scarf/wrap for my Grandma made out of Cherry Tree Hill silky stuff (love this one); and a purple seed stitch scarf for the other Grandma made out of an alpaca blend (I think; I can't find the lable).
You'll notice a Sophie bag in the second row - it's made with Cascade 220. All the Fuzzy feet, with the exception of the olive green ones, are made with Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride. The olive green are Cascade tweed.

I know for sure that these two items won't fit their intended recipients. But I think they'll look cute hanging on their Christmas trees.

It's the egg cozy sweater from Weekend knitting! The red one is made with Briggs and Little, and the one that is supposed to look like a coral orangey pinky kinda colour is made with yarn from Custom Woolen Mills. The Custom Woolen Mills yarn is so nice that I bought a few more skeins from my LYS.

Please excuse the colour quality of these photos. We had all the lights on in the spare room because it's so dark here today. While many other regions of Canada are getting a nice white Christmas, we're getting a drab, grey, wet one. I'm hoping it snows a bit tomorrow. Christmas is just not the same without snow. Oh well, we'll be in the snow belt on Boxing day - we're heading to New Brunswick to hang out with my dad and the rest of the family. Rumour has it that Santa has left some presents for us there! Yay! I doubt there will be enough snow, but I think I'll throw my snowshoes in the trunk just in case. There's nothing like a walk in the woods at Christmas time!

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Anonymous2:00 p.m.

    They aren't crappy and they are fine! It is true - if it wasn't for the lack of cold weather here I would wear my kitty hat everyday!
    - Angela

  2. Anonymous7:22 p.m.

    Wow, that's alotta F'ing Fuzzy Feet! They look terrific! I hope all the recipients love them.
    (Now Norma Knits)