Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I'm Going For Visual Impact...

... that's why there aren't any photos lately. I'm holding off until all the Christmas presents are finished and then I'll take a photo of all of them together. I think it will have more impact than just one FO at a time. I'm actually hoping for a "Holy Sh*t!" type of response. I know that's my response when I look at them!

Currently, all of the FOs are on display on the bed in my spare room. This is only my second Christmas knitting extravaganza, so it's probably not as amazing as everyone else's FO Christmas stash, but that doesn't stop me from peeking in at all those little fuzzy feet and scarves and taking a moment to "Glory in accomplishment". Hopefully, I'll finish the last of the fuzzy feet tonight. And will get a photo of all of the FOs lined up like little Elf shoes at Santa's workshop.

Last night, while I was churning out Fuzzy Foot #17 (making it the first foot of pair #9), I noticed that my middle finger was going numb. Urgh.

Oh, this was my horoscope yesterday:
Yesterday's rather interesting events probably inspired you to sleep in -- and you really should continue to indulge yourself for the rest of the day, too. There's peace and quiet on the menu. Have a double helping.

See, even the stars told me to stay at home for a second day. I like that the stars called my battle with the cold "yesterday's rather interesting events". It sounds nicer than - "Yesterday spent on the couch, wearing a tuque, alternating between shivering and sweating and watching really bad television while NOT GETTING ANY KNITTING DONE!"

I'm feeling much better - thank you, everyone, for the "get well soon" wishes.
I can't believe Mandy stopped by! I feel like I've got powerful connections with the knitting goddesses now! When is that site of yours coming back to life?! Angie told me it's going to be a while b/c of your move. I'm living in hope here on the East Coast!
Gingerale Girlie - thanks for stopping in - noticed you've got Joel Plaskett on your favorites list - he's one of my favs too - have you listened to Matt Mays yet? You might like him.
Kate - I haven't tried the Green Tea - Ricola Remedy yet, but I'm keeping it in mind for my next semi-annual cold.

Ok, I'm back at work today (trying not to cough on anyone) and my lunch break is almost over.
Tchau, bellas!

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  1. Anonymous12:45 p.m.

    Are you feeling better? Is it in your chest? My natural remedy for bronchitis and chest congestion type things is myrrh (or myrrh gum, sometimes it's called) capsules. It works really, really well. It takes the "crap" out and expels it and gets you feeling more like yourself faster. You can get them at whole foods or vitamin stores. I'll fill you in more on my Fuzzy Feet later. I'm excited to see the pics of yours.
    -- Norma (