Sunday, January 16, 2005

Finally, knitting content

Alrighty then, let's get right down to biz-ness.

First up - a finished project.

This is a scarf for Andrew. I really like this scarf because it's very soft and squishy. It's a 50:50 merino:alpaca blend. I think the pattern is called a broken rib (anyone? K2P2 over odd number of stitches?).

Next, the petticoat sock from Weekend Knitting.

The yarn is Shelridge Farms Soft Touch Heather. If I finish this sock then it will be my first completed sock! If I start and finish the second sock, then it will be a veritable miracle. Here is my favourite part of the sock (yup, I have a favourite part of a sock - who knew, when I was studying for those Biology exams or when I was trying desperately to look cool while wearing black from head to toe and lipstick that looked like dried blood, that I would have a favourite sock part???)... moving on - it's the picot edge:

Now, Minou, I'll need you to look away from the screen. This next item is being modelled by Ruff the dog. Ruff enjoys walks on the beach and extended belly rubs.

Ruff is wearing the sweater I'm making for Minou. It's a design in progress. I'm worried about the fit, so I've put two sections of ribbing on the belly and two on the back. It's much easier to fit a sweater on a tiny dog when she is available for fittings. Note - Ruff is significantly smaller than Minou, so this photo is not an accurate representation of how the sweater will look on Minou.

Ruff, are you ready for your closeup?

For your information, no stuffed animals were harmed in the making of these images. Ruff did express his trepidation about having the knitting needles in the sweater when he tried it on.

On a personal note - On Friday afternoon, just when I was getting bummed out about Andrew's work schedule (he's mixing an album this week), my dad called to say that he and his wife and our dear friends, P (yup, Mommy P) and her husband, R, were coming down for a last minute visit.

I haven't eaten that much over the course of 24 hours since, oh, um, gee, Christmas. We ate breakfast at Cora's yesterday. If you live in a province where there is a Cora's, I highly recommend the waffles, the crepes and especially, the crepe-omlette (remember, Ang???? mmmmm). Then, we were so full that we didn't need to eat again until supper, which we ate at Salty's on the Halifax waterfront. It's a bit of a tourist trap, but darn it if they don't make good crab cakes, entrees and desserts. I won't even go into what we had for breakfast this morning, let's just say I haven't really had to eat much today.

Anyway, I had a really great time with everyone. It was such a nice surprise. P and R hadn't been down to visit in ages. We're hoping they all come visit again soon. Andrew was really bummed out that he didn't get to spend more time with everyone.

Ever since they left, though, I've realized how much their visit exhausted me! Those guys are like a fart in a mitten (Does everyone know what that expression means? Hazard a guess, I would like to know what you think.) I went out for a bit this afternoon and then came home and turned off the world... I've been watching old video tapes of Friends' episodes.

Oh dear, it's late - bedtime! I've got to work tomorrow. Then again, it's already snowing outside. We've got a blizzard warning tonight. I may not have to go into the office if the roads are bad. ooooooh, if we get as much snow as they promised, I'm going snowshoeing at the golf course up the road... hmmmmmmm...


  1. Anonymous11:10 a.m.

    Fart in a mitten, eh? The explanation for this I gotta hear! Norma

  2. Anonymous1:08 p.m.

    hey there - the pics are a little big now aren't they - if you want i can shrink them down to 4" - i usually make mine four inches - they seem to fit that way.
    that sock is crazy - is it for you?
    hey what measurements did you need of minou - i remember hearing the message but don't remember what you wanted....
    - Ang