Tuesday, January 11, 2005

This Blog Needs Some Photo Content!

Sorry folks, it ain't knitting content. Somebody, (not naming any names but we'll just say his name starts with an A, has a W at the end and has "ndre" in between), didn't bring our digi camera home from the studio so I was unable to take photos today. I'm trying not to let my raging PMS temper my reaction to that. 'Scuze me while I scream into this pillow.

Alrighty then. So, because I don't have any knitting photos to show you here's a nice little photo of the Chubby Big Buddy dolls that my husband (with a little help from me and ye olde ancient Singer Touch and Sew) made for our three nieces and two nephews for Christmas... and for some grownup friends who knew and loved Chubby.

*Added later: I just had a physical shock when I realized that Claire of Loobylu posted this photo on her Month of Softies site for January's Vintage Catwalk. I sent the link to her and then later thought, "hey, how can I justify the vintage part?" I'm going to have to say that they remind me of Jackie Gleason. Can you see it? Picture Chubby with pants pulled up to there, then turn him around and look at that bum. Yup, Jackie Gleason. The cats were also photographed in what we call our "1950s room" (fully equipped with vintage lamp and chenille bedspread). I may be able to stretch it a bit by saying that my niece was making her doll strut around her room to Chubby's theme song: that's the catwalk portion! I'm honored that Claire posted our silly cats on her site along with all of the talented artists whose contributions blew Chubby right out of his airship!

Along with the dolls the children each received a copy of Chubby's theme song which speaks of the possibility of adventures aboard his airship. It goes something like this (having heard it numerous times over the holidays, I think I can quote it directly):

Hi Kids, this is Chubby! It's time for my show!

(sung - complete with background vocals and harmonies and nice little piano track)

Chubby Big Buddy
Climb aboard and I know you'll find
You'll have a real good time with
Chubby Big Buddy...
Grab your jacket and helmet too.
Step aboard and meet his crew
That's Chubby Big Buddy
You can Chubby Big Buddy with him!

I may have said my husband was talented, but I don't think I've ever said he was completely sane. And we're still not entirely sure what that last line means or if it is appropriate in a song meant for children.

Some of our more, uh, like-minded friends also received (or will be receiving) their own Chubby Dolls along with the cd. There has been talk that next year Chubby's arch nemesis, Chairman Meow, will be made and could possibly have his own theme. Heaven help me!!!!

Two posts in one day - aren't you all just the luckiest?
(BTW - I'm not editing for typos tonight. I did that all day at the office. I'll just apologize now for any disturbing errors in English.)


  1. Anonymous11:37 a.m.

    I'm really quite entertained by "Chairman Meow"

    (Yarn harlot)

  2. raging hormones anonymous meets once a week at betty's chocolate haven on 23rd and pine if you're interested.... I'm a platinum member.