Friday, January 21, 2005

Performance Reviews: 0, Buttons: 1, oh & a 5 Star Yarn Store

Ok, so, I finished up my performance review homework. At one point there was a glass of whisky on the rocks on the table - one sip reminded me why I'm not a hard-liquor-on-the-rocks-kinda woman - gah! I'm sure that's what evil tastes like! Where is the nice man with the cocktail shaker and the ingredients for a whisky SOUR when I need him? Anyway, I've decided that I'm a pretty good employee. But I don't know if anyone else agrees. I went to work today, mentally prepared for the review. My manager, on the other hand, didn't come in today. She had meetings out of the office. She didn't mention the review when she called to check in this afternoon. Oh well, such is life. Scuze me while I'll just find the nice man with the cocktail shaker.

On a happy note, I made a button for my blog this week. Angela of MinouPitou fame refined it a bit for me. Let's see if this works:

This is to replace, for now, the horrid photo Angela had of me wearing a felted purse I made for her, uh, on my head. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Unfortunately I do these things when I'm stone-cold sober. Yeah, yeah, if I suddenly stopped acting like this, none of you would be reading this blog because it would be drier than, uh, drier than... crap, it would just be boring. (I'm no longer sure how well I'll do with that creative writing class.)

I popped by my LYS after work today. The shop is called Tangled Skeins. For you Dartmouthians and Haligonians, the shop is on Portland Street in Dartmouth, right between Ducky's Cafe and Merchant Marie's Tattoo Parlour. You can choose to visit all three places in one day or not. I've often wondered if the guys at the tattoo parlour ever wander into Tangled Skeins looking to expand their creative horizons. I think they would excel at designing patterns for intarsia.

Ok, back to Tangled Skeins: Have I mentioned how FAB-U-FREAKING-LOUS it is? Sheryl, (Cheryl? Sherrill? crap, lady, how DO you spell your name? I've never asked, but I tend to think of her as a Sheryl. Of course, my first name makes me lean toward using the S), the owner, is just the best (and I'm not just saying that b/c you told me today that you read my blog last night). She's got a really great eye for putting colours together, she's very encouraging, and even though I threatened to hug her the first time I was in her store (erm, I was just a little excited that there is a yarn store within walking distance of my house), she still lets me come in and pat the yarn. She doesn't even seem to mind that I get a little hyper-active when I walk in the door. I think, however, she might still be getting over the joke I made about knitters getting wool in their throats like cats get hairballs - I'm really sorry, the situation just seemed to call for sound effects!

Anyway, the shop is really cozy and bright and packed full of yarn. She's stocked it will yarn that you actually see in new pattern books, and it's yarn that you DON'T necessarily see in the local craft stores. She just got Manos - oooooooooh, pretty. And I'm pretty sure that she's still out there surfing the net for trends and for the classics as well. The best thing about the store is the people who work there - they've got a great sense of humour and they're all pretty darn friendly and knowledgeable too.

Oh - and Sheryl sells my stitch markers in her store. Woowee!

That concludes my info-mercial moment for today. People of HRM, shop at Tangled Skeins!

(Does anyone notice how many brackets I use? I tend to think tangentially, so they just naturally crop up in my writing. Crop, not crap. Those of you who mind the brackets, well, suck it up, Buttercup, I don't think they'll be going away.)

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