Friday, January 21, 2005

Luc, Baby, This One's For You

Ohmigod, ohmigod!!!!!!

I just saw GaryBeals!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was standing in the grocery store, hollering to Andrew to get cereal and toilet paper before I went in the other direction to get eggs and freezer (aka Yarn) bags... and when I turned around I almost ran smack into Gary.

Who is Gary Beals, you (people without heartbeats or those who live outside Canada) might ask?

Gary Beals was in the top two of Canadian Idol in 2003. And he's a hometown boy. Who apparently doesn't mind going out for groceries on a Friday night.

I teased Andrew the rest of the way through the grocery store by saying: "Do you think Gary recognizes you, too? Do you think Gary is saying to the lady he's with, 'hey, isn't that Andrew from The Heavy Blinkers?' I bet Gary is in shock that you're shopping for groceries on a Friday night. I bet he thinks you should be out whooping it up at some exclusive indy club with all your indy friends. heh heh."

I think that is when Andrew wheeled the cart to the checkout and refused to acknowledge me for the rest of our time in the store.


For those of you out there in bloggy land who know who Gary is and love him, I can tell you that he appeared to be doing well and people should really give celebrities, even Canadian celebrities, space and not analyze every little thing about them, their lives or their food. What do you think I did, check out the contents of his grocery cart? Check out his shoes so I could tell you that latest fashion trend for former idol contestants and current Acadia University students? Geez.

(oh, and FYI, I wasn't really hollering at Andrew for toilet paper. I just asked him to get cereal. I threw the toilet paper reference in for comedic effect. Did it work????)

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  1. Anonymous10:35 p.m.

    that is why you were trying to call!!!!! I shodl have answered - I just got a big phone bill so I am trying not to do any long distance on my phone. It worked a bit better when my calling card was full.... I'll get a new one soon.
    so what was in his grocery cart? how tall is he - who was the woman he was with? a mom? a girlfriend (although unlikely)? you are so lucky.
    I was getting kate B gossip at work yesterday. She has a little girl who will be in U2. Kate is married the the director of the U movies. But the babies father is one of the actors from the first U movie! ANd they are all friends! ohlalalala