Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Storm Day Take 3?!?!?!?!

I was off work AGAIN yesterday! It snowed from 9am Sunday until at least 2:00am Monday morning. Andrew walked home from the studio at 2:00am and said it was still snowing when he was out there. The lunatic.
Despite all the chaos that 45cm of snow wreaked on the city, we still don't seem to have as much snow accumulation as we had after the blizzard last February (we got 96cm during that storm - aka White Juan - the blizzard was just 4 months after Hurricane Juan hit us). I took a couple of photos last night and I'll try to take some more in the next few days. My big plan is to head to the mall to get a photo of the "Mall Mounds" - those big piles of snow found in mall parking lots. Andrew and I had a big discussion in the car this morning about how snow isn't really white, it just appears to be white because of the way it reflects the light. In the absence of light, snow is actually clear. Can you imagine big clear snowbanks? You could see through them, but everything would be kind of distorted, like, oh, I dunno, looking through water or ice?

We also discussed this really funny show on CBC called "Nanalan". We watched it yesterday morning. It's a kids show but little Mona cracks us up. She calls the dog "Russer" (his name is Russell) and Nana is just so funny. Yesterday this little old man (puppet) was on the show and he did a puppet show for Nana, Mona and Russell about a Princess and a frog. It was rather Shakespearean with the play within a play - except instead of catching the conscience of the king, he caught Mona's conscience. She saw how the frog in the play was free to jump around and felt guilty about the frog she had caught that morning. When Mona went out to release her "Froggy in the buckie" the old man said to Nana:

"I, uh, don't want to embarrass you but I, uh, wanted to let you know that I modelled the princess after you."

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha - if only you could see the Nana puppet. Hee hee.

Meanwhile Mona and Russer were waving goodbye to the froggy. Picture it - a little green toddler and brown and white dog waving goodbye. ROTFLMAO.

Oh, here's the official Nanalan website. Hmmmmm... Nana's hair is white now. Seems she's so busy taking care of Mona that she doesn't have time for Miss Clairol.

Jeez, I've got to start smoking pot. Then every show would be as entertaining as Nanalan.

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  1. did I mention how nice it is here? I went running with NO JACKET ON!!!! woooweee you should move - mind you , you wouldn't get nearly as much time off work, unless you decide to be unemployed like me