Saturday, February 26, 2005

First, I Would Like to Thank...

Rachael for posting the link to my blog on hers.
and I would like to thank all the people who stopped by yesterday. For those of you who said hello, well, thanks. All your little notes brightened my day. I feel like a real blogger now. People I don't know stopped in AND FELT COMPELLED TO COMMENT. Wow.

Claudia (is it this Claudia? I've got to get that whole comment thing worked out so people can leave their URLs) mentioned that she would like a link to the band.

Here is the band's website. It's in hard shape and needs work.

Here is their record lable. You can order an album from here.

WARNING: They do not do rock and roll. They play what has been described as Orchestral Pop. Their latest album is called "The Night and I Are Still So Young". My hubby wrote "Filtered Light" and "Silver Crown" on that album. He wasn't in a good writing mood that year. Yes, I'm thanked in the liner notes... in 3 of their four albums.

Also, as I am drunk with the power of having had an audience yesterday, here is a link to another tutorial for life skills. This one is written by my friend's Chihuahua.

Must go. I'm heading to MEC to spend $$$ on gear for my bicycle! Woo hoo. Saddle bags!


  1. big daddy12:05 a.m.

    hey little lady!
    please treat us to your latest tale of an "oh my god,oh my god" momment(i know there must have been one recently). you know how much i like it when you fly off the handles in that hysterically funny way(funny to me anyway).
    p.s. that last post of yous rivals in numbers with the amount of electrical outlets (aka. plugs) contained in a house of average size. hahahahahah