Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I Think I'm Falling Apart...

I've had a crick in my neck since Sunday... and yesterday I developed some sort of lower back pain that went away after I heard an ominous crack. And then, this morning, it was back.

Andrew is back from the ECMAs. It was just as we expected: his band did not win their category. The guy who won has been much more visible on the Canadian scene - I guess that touring England, France and Germany did nothing for Andrew's band's ECMA profile. I was a bit disappointed, but realistically, we had predicted who would win the category when the nominations came out in December.

The point of him going up there was not for an acceptance speech, it was to schmooze with the musicians and industry types. He made lots of business contacts, saw some people he hadn't seen in years and heard some great bands. I really want to drop the names of the people he talked to but I won't, 'cause it's just the stupid small-town girl coming out in me.

Okay, just one: He was outside the hotel in the morning and Shelagh Rogers was out there. He was talking with someone that she knows, so she joined the conversation and he told her that his wife is a big fan of hers. Did he tell her that he's in a band? nooooooooooo... will the wife be sending Ms. Rogers an email about his band? yesssssssssssssss.

Anyhoo... on the knitting front - I pulled out my stash on the weekend. While I don't have nearly as much as most other knitters, I do have a fair amount of yarn kicking around here for someone who hasn't been knitting very long. The funny (?) thing is that I don't really have enough of any one yarn to make something substantial, like, oh, I dunno, a sweater? Ok, I do have the Rowan Cotton Tape to make Carla. But it's been sitting there since I bought it on sale last fall. Blah.

I seem to have developed some sort of malaise about my knitting lately. Just when I got to the point where I would add straps to the French Market Bag, I abandoned it to do a multi-directional diagonal scarfey thing with some Cherry Tree Hill silk stuff. And now, I'm thinking "Geez, I really want to make mittens to wear with my shining star hat when I'm in Toronto next week." Argh. Ok, I'll finish the French Market Bag tonight, then I'll see if I can pull off the mittens before the weekend.

Gah. I'm in this crazy state of mind lately. It's like I'm on a hyper-active roller coaster. I can't be serious about anything. And I don't just mean commitment-wise. I've been cracking jokes that I don't think anyone gets but me. I get like this when I'm nervous. Andrew is making me nervous with this business venture. Somebody, take my husband, please!

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