Friday, March 25, 2005

Coffee, coffee, coffee!

Yes, that's a reference to Lauren Graham's character on the Gilmore Girls a few weeks ago. I think i know why her character talks so quickly.

JAK - I just made someof the coffee that you shared with me. You know, the stuff you got in Cuba Yeah, well, it's really freaking good, I made it in my French press and made it nice and strong and sweet like I drank it those two summers I was in Brasil, (that's Brazil for you anglos), It's totally great coffeeeeeee, I took one sip and went "Wow, that's great coffee, I've got to get myself to Cuba, or Brasil or where ever there is a man with a hat and a donkey and wooo hooo... and maybe, even a place where there is a nice person serving fancy iced drinks because I think I'm going to need someone to slow me down after I drink all of this.."

I'm drinking it out of my "I am a princess" mug - you know the one that is pink and says 'I am a princess" on the outside - Did you know that it's on there eight times? Yup, 8 - I just counted.

Wow, that's damn good coffee - I think I'll still be awake on Monday - See you then - Hope you're having a nice weekend with the family.

'scuze me. Gotta go run laps around the back yard.

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