Monday, March 07, 2005

Friday: BAD; Saturday: GOOD

Don't have time to discuss right now. Just covering the basics:

13 Things (some of which sucked) About Friday
1. Got up at 6:30am to finish packing, etc, etc. Very tired
2. Was cranky at husband because of being awake early
3. 50cm of snow fell in Newfoundland... the same Newfoundland where my flight was supposed to originate.
4. Flight was CANCELLED.
5. Had to buy new ticket, with another carrier. $$$$$$
6. Waited at airport from 9:50am until 5:40pm.
7. Purchased $80 Dora doll on behalf of coworker to be delivered to Toronto for distraught niece (older sisters broke her original Dora Magic Fairy Tale Hair doll). Carried Dora throughout trip, occasionally pushing button to watch her hair grow and hear her talk. Somewhat comforting.
8. Had to call friend to cancel evening (he was able to reschedule, phew)
9. Arrived in Toronto after 8pm (9pm my time) and had to wait a long time for bags (conveyor belt issues).
10. Uneventful shuttle ride - oh, ok, guy from home turned up on shuttle bus. Strange coincidence.
11. At hotel, credit card could not handle room (remind self to thank band for using my card to buy $3000 worth of tickets for SXSW festival in TEXAS on my card). Expense account depleted from buying replacement ticket. Exhausted, imagining self sleeping outside hotel amidst pine trees. Arrived at edge of reason and edge of tears, called hubby - he said "Use other account" Doh!
12. Told hotel attendant this was not a stopover and that I would not be travelling to somewhere warm, other than Hell. Also told bewildered well-dressed attendant that I would not (despite sudden alcoholic urge) be needing to go to the lounge. Instead, would be collapsing upstairs with Cadbury's Easter Cream Egg. (that's a little bit of happy wrapped in foil)
13. Did not get downtown to Lettuce Knit (had no $ anyway!!!!!).

Thing that gave me perspective:
Four RCMP officers were shot and killed on the job last week. They were decent young men, doing their jobs: enforcing the laws of our country. For those of you outside of Canada: they were shot while protecting evidence at an illegal marijuana grow op. Regardless of how you feel about the laws surrounding marijuana, (pro- or anti- legalization), the fact is that they were the sons, fathers, friends and partners of people who are hurting right now. I have a friend who is in the RCMP out west and this news made me catch my breath.

Friday? It wasn't that bad for me. I've handled much worse.


  1. Remember Janet from my class at Dal? Well her husband is an RCMP officer just outside of Edmonton and they just had a baby - I was totally freaked (well not totally but very concerned) until I heard the names. Ack...
    Sorry your trip sucked - it could have been worse - you could have been sitting in a truck in a parking lot in the suburbs of suburbs for 16 hours....

  2. awwww, babe. Sounds like your trip to hell was just peachy!