Tuesday, March 01, 2005


I am such a lazy arse. I managed to Kitchener Stitch a handle on the Sophie bag I've been working on this week and I've been sitting on the couch in a daze ever since. I think I need to go to bed.

But before I do, some random thoughts from today:
1. The weather was so unbelievably yucky today it made me feel like spring will never come. We'll just be stuck in this horrible weather forever.
I woke up to the sound of freezing rain hitting the windows. When I was leaving the house the back stairs were so slippery that I feared I would become an unlikely star in the Ice Capades. I was prepared for a man dressed in spandex and sequins to leap off my porch and pirouette away. When no one appeared in a ridiculous outfit (other than the teenagers making their way to the local high school), I felt it was safe and crept down the stairs to the car. It's still yucky out tonight.

2. I forgot to mention in yesterday's story that I have a slight phobia of stairs. I managed to miss about 6 stairs at my in-law's house when Andrew and I were living there when we first got married. I didn't break anything, but I spilled hot coffee all over the place and had the biggest, ugliest bruise on my left forearm. It was "fugly". Ever since then, I usually ask people to walk ahead of me on the stairs. I can't believe I let the painter walk behind me yesterday.

3. Painter status: He dropped off gear today. I thought he was intending to start and finished this job this week. I fear I will not be celebrating my fresh paint and hole-less ceiling with my knitting night buddy next week.

4. How the rest of the week is shaping up:
- Tomorrow is knitting night. It will be at A's place this week. My kitchen is not up to proper brownie production code. Zoinks.
I may be going over to the "new" studio tomorrow night. Andrew is beside himself with glee. I'm still in the shocked stage. I think a visit tomorrow will make it real. I have a feeling they are pulling me over there to get me inspired to pick paint chips. The whole place needs some cosmetic work.
- Thursday I get my hair trimmed. I am hoping that my stylist has forgiven me for getting friend/stylist in NB to cut it the last two times: June and December!!!! I am loving this whole long hair thing!
- On Friday I will be in Toronto. I'm planning an afternoon visit to Lettuce Knit. If you're in there on Friday, I'll be the slightly dazed person wiping drool from her mouth.

Then, when the store closes, or when they throw me out, I'm hopefully having supper / drinks with an old school friend. In grade 6 I interviewed him about his comic book collection for the school paper. Yes, we both wore glasses, why do you ask? Not that you need further proof that we were nerds, but we were very competitive academically. My average at the end of that year was 99.3. His was 99.7. I got over it (well, I guess I haven't because I still remember it almost 20 years later!), and in Grade 7, I was madly in love with him and he with me, I think. We even kissed at a dance. added later: I meant to say: We even kissed at a dance and our nerdy glasses clicked together. How embarrassingly awkward. He was shorter than me back then.

He's much taller now and he's a columnist at a newspaper in Toronto. When we were in high school, he worked at my parent's pharmacy with me. He used to joke that he only took the job so that he and I could have a tumultous affair in the stock room. But we did have a lot of fun. My mom found us doubled over laughing in the family planning section one night. We were cleaning the shelves and plotting how we were going to shock our co-worker, an uptight older lady who was working cash that night. We had assembled some props: an economy pack of large condoms, a large tube of KY jelly, spermicidal foam, and a Today sponge (heh, "sponge-worthy"). As we laughed madly over this buffet of reproductive responsibility, (as only teenage pharmacy employees can do), we told my mother that we were going to take it all to the cash and ask the uppity co-worker for a pack of cigarettes and a Polaroid film. My mother laughed and left us to our plot. As a matter of fact, yes it was a funnier story when we were 17.

5. Why you're not seeing photos: I have an old Imac that needs some work. I haven't researched free photo hosting because I'm scared to deal the final blow to Mac. I've been sending my photos to my dear friend and she has been posting them for me. She's been working on a movie out in Vancouver over the last few weeks, so I haven't sent her anything. She's a busy lady and I don't really have anything to take photos of right now. Two pre-felted bags. That's it. Maybe next week.

Ok, now I'm definitely tired. I'm heading to bed.

Request for the masses (I'm pretending that I have masses to address): A weather report. Any Torontonians - is it still c-c-c-cold there? I'm trying to determine what kind of coat to bring with me. Thanks!

The Yarn Harlot said it was miserable out and that they had had snow, but is it COLD?


  1. It always depends on what you mean by "cold" -- it's hovering around -5 to -10 this week, with some wind. Not extra layers of fuzzy stuff cold, at least for me -- but cold enough to want hats, mitts, etc. Hope that helps!

  2. I have to rub it in - it is WARM here in BC ha ha ha ha.. It rained for maybe 2 hours this morning but then the sun came out again and I wandered around in dictator castonguay's hoodie - I was plenty warm enough. So when are you putting your house up for sale?

  3. I am not in Toronto, but east of it, and cold is in the "arthritic joints of the beholder" (sorry about that)-While the temps are down to -10 or so (not too bad) it is quite a damp cold, so scarves and hats are de rigeur to keep the chill out. Have fun!

  4. It's cold here too - but then it is 4.35 in the morning & the heating went off hours ago. Still, I have a lovely warm lap as two of the cats have decided to snuggle (don't think it's for affection - more for warmth).

    Anyway, you don't know me but I just wanted to thank you for giving me a laugh & for the sheer enjoyment of reading about your teenage years. It's brightened my sleepness night.

    (Just noticed - it's not 4.38am wherever your server is - however it is 4.38 on a frosty morning in Cornwall, England)

  5. I want MORE cold weather. It's already getting warm here, and I'm irritated.... I love winter.