Thursday, March 17, 2005

Husband is Away - Send More Creme Eggs

Yesterday morning, in a flurry of frenzied activity (is that redundant), we managed to get Andrew packed and out the door.

I say "we" because he got home at 5:30am, then got up at 8:30am and started packing. He was in no shape to pack, much less put his keyboard into his homemade carrying case (God love him, he made it out of plywood before the last time the band flew to Toronto - he even put wheels on it!). I took one look through his suitcase and wondered how he would ever survive without me in his life (although, he might survive better if he wasn't working so many bloody hours). ok, ok, he would survive, but he would have gone with a toothbrush and NO toothpaste, shaving cream and NO razor, hair but NO shampoo (they're billeting)...

I know, I know, it's not like he couldn't have bought those things; but knowing that his wife made sure he had everything he needed - despite my readiness to pack ALL of his clothes and tell him that he might as well spend ALL of his time at the studio - instead of just the 20 hours a day he's currently spending - well, knowing that his wife does love him enough to make sure he's got toothpaste and a razor, it'll do him a world of good.

The band is now in Austin, Texas for South by SouthWest. They play at Latitude 30 later tonight. 1am to be exact.

They come home on Monday. Let's hope they survive until then.

In the meantime I will be hanging out with our 4-footed nephew, Pippin. He's just a puppy and I'm very exciting about his visit. Andrew's sister, her husband and their kids are going skiing for a week. So we get the Pipster. He stayed the night a few weeks ago as a trial run - and he did very well. He's quite well behaved for a puppy. Perhaps he'll be a guest blogger. Minou can't have all the fun, can she?

So, I'm wondering - Easter Creme Eggs are a seasonal indulgence for many of us - anyone out there have any stories of their ECE obsession? I do believe that someone has been supplementing her diet with a daily dose of ECE. I, in fact, sat behind a closed door in a coworkers office this morning (sorry J) as we obsessively ate our respective eggs and discussed some of the finer points of ECE consumption. She told me that if I hadn't been in the room, her egg would have disappeared in half the time - she was practising restraint on my behalf.

Anyone else out there? Special ECE rituals? Do you remove the foil in a single piece? I've been known to do that on occasion. Does anyone out there start at the BOTTOM of the egg? Anyone out there popping regular-sized ECE's into their mouth whole?

Angela suggested Easter Creme Eggs and Strawberries. I'm thinking Easter Creme Eggs and a gin and tonic. Might get me through this whole "starting-up-a-new-business" thing. Might land me in rehab (more for the eggs than the alcohol, I'm sure).

Oh. My. God. I just realized that NEXT WEEKEND IS EASTER!!!! The ECE's disappear after next weekend!!!!! Is anyone else out there planning to stock up? I mean, I almost bought 4 of the three packs last night. I'm thinking that I need about 8 to get me through until spring "really" arrives. A two-four of ECEs, if you will.

Geez, you would think I would mention knitting around here once in a while!


  1. Next weekend is easter? Is that why they keep talking about spring break on tv? I'm so confused. I have only had 2 ECEs This is terrible. I will go out and buy a whole pack today. We have a fresh case of strawberries just waiting for the ECEs. That is the ONLY way to eat them.

  2. I'm not allowed to eat chocolate. It is a stupid rule. I do have sniff and bark cookies, My favourite way to eat them is hiding three or four around the house then pulling them out in the evening and eating them on the couch beside mommy and daddy. I lick them a little first before I bit them. They aren't wrapped in foil.