Sunday, March 20, 2005

Spring Has Sprung, Some Knitting is Done!

Soundtrack: Belle and Sebastian "Tigermilk"

It is a bee-you-tee-ful-day here in the City of Lakes. I took the Pipster out for a walk this morning and had to take my hat and mitts back to the house. It's gorgeous out. I love it when the first day of spring is like this. It gives us hope that we can survive the dreary time when the snow is melting: our lawns look depressed and flat from the weight of the snow, everything seems kind of dirty and the layers of poo the dogs have deposited over the winter slowly surface like some sort of fecal archaeoligical dig. A day like today makes you forget all that and instead you think of crocuses and tulips and gardening!

I spent 3 hours in Chapters this afternoon. I had cwaffee with JAK and her son, the Curious C. We had cafe mochas and treats. Then we had a lovely time sitting in the Knitting section (we sat because JAK fell over - tee hee) looking at every single book. We even perused the gardening section.

Here's what I bought:
Lois Hole’s Perennial Favorites
It’s a great little reference book. Our gardening neighbours on our old street had this book. Over the years I have discovered that I am not a gardener. I really WANT to be a gardener, but I’m just not. I am a pretty good gardener in June and July, but by August I’m ready to throw in the trowel. It pains me that I can’t keep my interest in the plants for more than two months. I have so many things I would love to grow in my garden, but I am just not committed. I’m hoping this will change with age, but right now, I just don’t enjoy it. My evil plan is to plant shrubs and perennials and then ignore the garden for a few years.

I also bought this. I’ve read two of her other books and loved them. I read “The Cure for Death By LIghtening” on my honeymoon almost 7 years ago (gasp, 7 years!). I think I’m going to put it on my re-read list.

The Curious C kept finding these great books on movies. One was called “1001 movies you must see before you die”. That’s a threatening title, dontcha think? What happens if I don’t see them all? I took a course in university called “Narratives in Cinema”. Best damn course, ever. It was an English course. We watched a movie a week. Some guy brought popcorn one night. The prof kicked his arse. I loved that course and the prof. He changed my taste in films... Hmmmm... I feel a post on movies coming on.

I have yet to see The Yarn Harlot’s book on a bookshelf. I think I’ll call the local indy bookseller and see if she has it yet.

So, I know the title promised knitting that is done. Sad story. The French Market Bag left the house without a proper photo. I gave it to my MIL yesterday morning when she and my FIL came over for breakfast. It looked more like French Market Blob when I did photograph it. Use your imagination everyone: It had a black bottom and handles and the contrast colour was done in Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Aubergine. The shape was ok. I think my MIL liked it. She was surprised. It matches her new winter coat - that she won’t be needing soon! Yay spring.

Moving on. Here’s the Sophie bag...

See the stray felted pieces? They are going to become a flower with a leaf and stem. Perhaps that will happen tonight. The bag was knit with cascade 220, as was the orange piece. The green is BSLP in Key Lime Pie.

As I write this I have a very hyper puppy trying to get me to play with a tennis ball. My typing keeps getting interrupted as I retrieve the ball from under the radiator - ok, I put something in front of the radiator - my yarn basket. He promptly went for the Berocco suede - smart dog! Argh, no!!!!!!

Another FO for the books:

This is the Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf - the instructions for which can be found here. I did this using some leftover Cherry Tree Hill silk stuff (dog is now between me and the door - I'm not walking over him to get the tag). I did the pattern over 30 stitches on the nice Clovers that Angela sent to me. Silk on wooden needles. Nice.


New soundtrack: Joel Plaskett

Argh - my browser quit on me. Thank goodness I had the foresite to copy this post into Appleworks.

I have other photos to show you, but I’m going to hold off. I can’t give away the farm today.

One quick story - Andrew is still down in Austin, TX. He called yesterday and told me that they met Brian Wilson. His bandmate, Jason, saw Brian walking by the club they were in. Jason sprinted down the street after him. I’m just going to imagine that for a moment. I’ve never seen Jason sprint, ever.

He is the biggest BW fan I know. And by fan, I would like to emphasize that the word is a shortened form of FANATIC. Jason is a BW fanatic. He will die a happy man. He gave BW’s manager a copy of their cd. Apparently, BW doesn’t listen to music because he is worried that if he wrote a song that sounded like someone else that he would get sued. Makes sense in that weird BW way. Of course, it could just be a polite way of saying “Keep your CD kid, you aren’t the first one to force your music on me, and you won’t be the last. I probably won’t listen to it.” I hope that’s not the case. Maybe he will listen to it. Maybe, he’ll produce their next album and I’ll get those new shoes after all (Whenever someone looks for a cd for free I always say “Buy it. The children need new shoes.”).

Ok, gotta eat. Until next time!


  1. I didn't even look at the pictures when I uploaded them so now you are truly keeping me in suspense cause I know there is like 5 more!!!!
    Had a bad sewing stargate uniforms day. Time for bed so I can fix all my mistakes tomorrow

  2. Anonymous1:35 p.m.

    I read "Cure for death..." (Saw it at the library, and got it b/c I was once hit by lightning) Weird, but I liked it. I may need to seek out her other books. Throw down a handful of zinnia seeds in your garden. Lots of color and flowers to cut (the more you cut, the more blooms they put out) with little effort. Nicotiana, portulaca, and begonia are also low maintenance and pretty.