Monday, March 21, 2005

Guest Blogger: Pippin The Wheaton Terrier

Hello everyone. As you may have heard, I am visiting Aunt Sessanie this week while my family is away doing something they call Skiing in a place called Sugarloaf. Sugarloaf - sounds yummy.

Aunt Sessanie said that I could write on her blog. She said that Minou shouldn't get to have all the fun. This is kind of fun.

I'm having a good time here at Aunt Sessanie's house. It's not like home; the rules are different. At home my mommy, daddy and sometimes, my kids, push me out of rooms and they say things like "Not allowed" and "No, Pippin, no!". They get upset when I go upstairs and jump on the beds, especially when the kids are sleeping. They won't let me play on the dead cow couches, just the ones where the kids play in the basement.

At Aunt Sessanie and Uncle Andrew's house they let me go everywhere! There is more freedom for dogs here! I wonder if they are under a different system of government???

Aunt Sessanie lets me go upstairs with her every time! I get to jump on the bed. In the morning, when the sun is shining bright, these tiny creatures fly in the sun and I jump around on the bed and try to catch them. I've found that if I slide under the bed first, more of the creatures follow me out into the sun. Aunt Sessanie pulled out the loud sucking machine after I did this the first time. I think she might have killed some of the creatures, but they keep multiplying.

Aunt Sessanie plays ball with me, IN THE HOUSE! She throws the ball the from the room with the glowing box and the “mouse” the whole way to the room where the food comes from. Sometimes the ball hits a wall and she makes a funny face, but she keeps doing it! I think she must love me a lot. She even crouches down and pulls my tennis ball out from under the couch when I can’t reach it!!! Wow!

We’ve gone for a few walks since I came to stay here. Aunt Sessanie sometimes calls me a dork when we’re walking. She usually says it after I have been jumping to get the attention of another human. I think that a dork must be a nice thing because she laughs when she says it.

Oh, here is a photo of me that Aunt Sessanie took when I was missing my family. I miss them an awful lot. Especially the kids.

This is a photo of me trying to convince Auntie Sessanie’s lambie that we should be friends:

Lambie didn’t think it was such a good idea. I don’t know what his problem is. I pulled his tail and he made some clacking noises. Then Auntie Sessanie ran in and took him away from me. Here he is, probably telling her everything, the big tattle tale.

Ok, we have to go now. Auntie Sessanie says we have to pick up Uncle Andrew at the airport. This is going to be my first ride in the car with her. I hope we get to listen to some good tunes.

Slurps and Licks,

PS: Abby the Lab lives next door to Aunt Sessanie and Uncle Andrew. I think I'm in LOVE! We're like star crossed lovers, though. There is a fence between us. We play and bark through the fence. Sometimes, we even sniff each other's noses. I wish I could get over there to visit. I really want to smell her butt.


  1. Pippin,
    I can't see your pictures!! Mommy says they are there -
    She said check your code!
    I wish you were there when I woudl visit Auntie Steph.

  2. Min min - Blogger didn't like the IMac last night. I fixed it this morning on PC!

  3. I love Pippin! That sad look on his face that he's missing his family....I recognize that look!

  4. Pippin- did you know that there are books written about Pippin the dog? Or are you the Pippin from the books????(written by KV Johansen) My mummy reads them to me-I like "No No Pippin" the best.- signed Mr. Boufu Butterscotch (or he who looks like a baby wheaton, but is of indeterminite heritage)