Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Just Some of The Reasons Why I Love Angela Bright

I have some great friends. Some of them live close by, like JAK, some of them live a little farther away, like RJS... a little farther, like Les... others just live too far. That would be Angela. This entry is all about Angela.

We met when we were going to Dal. She was playing some music in her room that I knew, so I stopped by. That's when I noticed a poster on her wall of a musician that we both admired (I will not reveal the music nor the musician on the poster because that might reveal our geek-like tendencies). I thought she was cool because she was smart, funny and she was in Costume Studies - a course which I had no idea was in the curriculum at Dal. I have no idea why she thought I was cool *now would be the time to let me know if I have any coolness at all - I know I was a dork back then, but what about now?*

We both went through some crappy stuff with our families in the two years that she was at Dal. I think we bonded over our messed up worlds and the Chinese chicken at "Le Bistro" on South Park Street.

Anyway, over the years, she has proven to be an amazing friend. During our school years we wrote gobs of letters back and forth to each other. She's always been the kind of friend that I can pick up with where we left off the last time. When she was here last year teaching at our alma matter, we had a great time hanging out.

Here are some of the reasons I think she is great (not necessarily in order of importance:

17. We started knitting at the same time.
16. She has made it impossible for me to buy lemons without singing "Lem-oh-ohn. She wore Lemon..."
15. She once demonstrated one of Monty Python's Funny Walks on one of the busiest streets in town.
14. She tried to teach me to sew.
13. She's got Luc.
12. We have a standing agreement that birthday and Christmas gifts can be months late.
11. When we bought a dozen donuts at Tim Horton's one night, she was as confident as I was that we could eat them all in one sitting.
10. She is more sarcastic than me.
9. She brought Minou into our lives just when we needed her (my husband and I were getting over the loss of our schnauzer, Bentley).
8. She has expanded my musical horizons - she bought a Cole Porter compilation tape for me one year... then she sent me a mixed tape with Moist, Bjork and any number of obscure artists on it.
7. She was my date at my friend's wedding outside of Montreal, and despite not having her driver's license at the time, was the best darn navigator I've ever had in the car with me.
6. She gave me a new appreciation the Montreal Bagel.
5. She wore my husband's bandshirt to their show and acted like all the people who weren't wearing them were uncool.
4. She taught me to do the Charleston in the middle of campus in the middle of the night.
3. She has started crying every time we say goodbye when she was moving on to another city, another coast, another school or another job.
2. She designed and made my wedding dress.
1. She made these for my birthday this year:

Yup. A needle case. Like the one in the back of St!tch and B!tch. What's that you say? Why yes, yes it is the logo for my website. Thanks for noticing!

Here's a closer look:

All done with fabric from Ikea. And some help from Minou.

Now, Angela, stop being so sappy. Grab a tissue and blow your nose. Someday soon I'll have enough $$$ to fly to the other coast for a visit.

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  1. I am sobbing - don't know if it is emotions or cause I am gassy! HA HA HA HAAAAA!! You are crazy! Thank you! I miss you - come visit SOOOONNNNN!!!! Minou misses you. Glad you like that crazy thing. There is no special pocket like yours. I don't see any needles in it?????? Does that mean I should send you some?