Saturday, April 02, 2005

Hic * Hic * Hic*

Wretched hiccups. I've had them on and off for the last 2 hours. Dontcha just hate the ones that hurt? I know I'm only a few *hics* from one that makes me clutch at my sternum and wince.

Let's see here, busy week in Happy-ville. I went to Monkey-town with my manager this week. That was an adventure. She broke her leg two weeks ago and has been out of the office since. Poor girl. She fell down a flight of stairs and snapped her leg in two places down close to her ankle. She was dropping of something on her way to work and decided to see if she could still do the tumbling routine she had worked out when she was a gymnast. She wasn't able to elevate her leg in the car, and since she had been hobbling around her house that morning getting ready for the trip, by the time when we got to Monkey-town, she was in AGONY. I felt so bad. I did my best to mother her while we were there. This was the farthest she had been from home since her trip to the hospital to visit the ortho-surgeon. She was very happy to get outside of the city for a night, but then, she was also glad to get home again. I'm glad that she is following her doctor's orders (and her sisters' orders - she's got two docs in the family) and is taking it easy. I have no doubt that she should be staying close to home. It's not like she hasn't been working, she's just not working at the office. Heal, girlie, heal!


I've never broken any bones, *knock on wood* and after travelling with her, I really hope I never do.


While we were in Monkey-town we took some time out in the evening to watch the movie, "Sideways". While it seemed quite slow at first, I eventually started to care about the characters and that made the movie even better. For those of you still thinking about watching it, one warning: Slightly overweight middle-aged men should NEVER run naked while wearing a touque. There is nothing pretty about it. Nothing at all.

Tonight I finished up a pair of "Gifted" mittens from I used Custom Woolen Mills yarn, doubled up on 6mm needles.

Here's a photo of the mittens in progress:

I stitched up the sides in what can only be described as an unprofessional job. I'm not so good at seaming

I finished the baby ugg booties that I started a while ago. I've seamed up one of them and need to get my hiney in gear and finish the other. I used one shade of Berocco Suede for the boot and Phildar Neige in a beige colour for the trim. Pippin really liked the Phildar Neige. If I hadn't been so busy chasing him to get it out of his mouth last week, I would have taken a photo of him with the yarn in his mouth. He looked so mischevious with the yarn in his mouth and it matched his fur quite well too!


Speaking of photos, I received a nice present from 'A' this week. He said he was feeling bad about buying equipment for the studio, so he bought a little somethin' somethin' for me. Even though the stuff for the studio is work related, it is like buying toys for him, I think. He bought me a new camera. It's a very nice refurbished SLR Canon, and a new lens. Sorry, no digi. I'm going to give it a trial run tomorrow if the weather is nice.


These hiccups have got to go!!!!!!


oh, my, gosh... The hiccuping still won't go away. I'm going to go drink some water or something!



  1. What are hiccups? I burp all the time I know cause Mommy says - quit burping. She tells me to slow down and chew my food or I will have to burp. And then I do!
    I am glad you finished your mittens. What other projects do you still have on the go? Mommy still needs to work on my clothing line but she is too busy with this stargate stuff - BORING. WHen are you coming to visit?

  2. I was just reading back over this entry - talk about a half arse job! If this were a paper I would give it a C-. It has no verve, no spirit, no substance. It's just blah, blah, blah. I guess it aptly portrays the way I was feeling when I wrote it, but geez... It just has no sparkle at all.


    I guess I'm just waiting for inspiration and this rainy,dreary weather isn't good for anything except making my hair go all fluffy.