Tuesday, March 29, 2005

No, It's Not Anne

Nice "try" Ang. You know I could hang with her any time. Ha ha. I came this close to meeting Anne after the ECMA award gala a few years ago. Her nephew is a musician and plays with Andrew's band... but before we could get to her, some dudes with ear pieces whisked her, her mom and Adrienne Cl*rkson away. This close, I tell you. This close. Aw well, we still have the story of Andrew butt-checking Adrienne as she was making her way in to the event. Yup. He butt-checked the Governor General of Canada.

Of course it was by accident.

Aven got it. We're going to see Blue R*deo. We own one, count em, one of their albums. The latest one, I believe.

Everybody ready for a bad BR / "good old university days" story? No?

I had a friend who lived in rez with me at Dal. She was the innocent sort. Very nice, but not very worldly. Anyhoosers, she had the misfortune of having a neighbour who would do the dirty dirty with her boyfriend to one of BR's songs. Every time. Without fail. BR would be rockin' away and so would the neighbour's room. Later on my friend and I shared an apartment. Whenever this particular song came on the radio, she would curl up into the fetal position and weep. I somehow doubt she would ever want to go to their concert.

I'm sorry, that's not about knitting.


This was a Cottage Craft sweater I wore during those years at Dal. It was nice, warm and I loved it when it was in style. Here, it is a big pile of yarn and it seems to be frightening Pippin.

I ripped it out and dyed it with Koolaid last Friday. My entire kitchen smelled like DailyVacationBibleSchool during snack time. Took me back. A long, long way.


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