Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Everyone Loves A Man Of His Word

Last year Andrew's band played at CMW (Canadian Music Week). They were honoured to have the horn section from a great Canadian band to play with them. Some of the other members of this band came out to their show.

After the show, one of the band members said to Andrew, "The next time we come to Halifax, we'll give you a call. We'll get tickets for you and your wife to come out to the show." Nice of him, but we never expected that he would remember.

Last night, after having supper with the family (the lemon meringue torte was a smashing success - a vote was taken and the recipe stays on the roster - my BIL took a photo of it for me), we came home and checked our messages. Guess who called?

No really, guess.

The band is on CBC's 50 Tracks list. Go here to see if you can figure out which band we're going to see.

Andrew joked that with this new studio he'll be getting calls from all sorts of obscure musicians. He's such a goofball. In the car this morning on the way to work he was saying:

"Hello? Andrew? Yeah, this is Roger Wh*ttaker. I'm in town next month doing a show and I was hoping you could swing by, check out my new stuff, maybe talk some business."

See? Goofball. And we're both so small town. Totally excited about the concert.

Did I mention the Back Stage Passes????????



  1. who is it? anne murray......must be anne murray heh heh heh......
    or 'eat a big meal' hahahahahaaaaa
    if you don't tell mewho it is i will assume it is because you are embarrassed!!!

  2. It's not Blue Rodeo, is it? Because I see they have a concert in Halifax on May 8 -- if it is them, that's very very exciting!

  3. Anonymous2:20 p.m.

    It's not Anne Murray, you boob.
    You know it's not Anne.

  4. I give up?

    Who is it? so cruel...

    Sounds like a fun time, whoever it is. I have never gotten backstage passes to anything!