Wednesday, April 06, 2005

(If you make it through the whining there are knitting photos)

Who did I think I was kidding when I decided I was going to “Train to run 10K”? Who, I ask you, who?

I am not athletic. I was and still am the bookish bespectacled kid who was the “manager” of the basketball game. I'm the one who dated the basketball player and the hockey player, that's the closest I ever came to team sports! I just don’t do sports. The closest I ever came to being sporty was when I took Judo classes in my last year at Dal. Then I got mono and I wasn't allowed to throw the big boys around anymore! Sigh.

JAK took me for a walk today at lunchtime. She had to run and errand so she asked if I wanted to run with her. After we stopped laughing at how pathetic I am, we went outside. It was a beautiful day for a walk. The two of us were in great shape: She’s got a nasty sore throat and I walk like I have artificial legs (there are three amputees in my family - I know of what I speak!) Anyway, JAK and I were strolling along and at one point had to cross the street in front of some cars. JAK said, “Run!” and I screamed “J! No! I can’t!!!! Gah!!!!!!!!” and I flailed after her.

Anyhoo, enough about me and my stupid foray into the athletic world. I would like to share the following photos with you.

For the baby who is currently residing inside my dear, impregnated friend, Leslie, may I present the Baby Ugg booties from that TV show that I’m too lazy to look up...

This is the yarn from the Cottage Craft sweater that I frogged.

Here is what it looks like now:

Isn’t it pretty?

The green stuff was done with Lemon Lime Koolaid. The other with some tropical stuff that said Iced blue on the outside of the package. I want to re-do the blue, because it’s a bit blotchy. But I LOVE it!!!

Oh, and now the crowning achievement...

Remember this?

I held an intervention wherein I told Sophie that she was just too boring and I thought she could be better... I asked the scissors and the sewing machine for assistance and now, Sophie is almost achieving her full potential.

Any suggestions for buttons? I think she needs something in the centre of her flower.

Here’s a plea for you sock knitters out there:
I’m attempting to make socks using the Regia sock yarn my darling husband bought for me while he was in Germany. I’ve got 3.0mm x 12” circulars (geez, how international am I? mm and inches in the same sentence). How many stitches would you cast on????

Suggestions?????? Please? Does anyone want to help a girl with lots of sock yarn and minimal sock experience?


That’s all for tonight. I’ve got some knitting calling me back to my position on the couch! If my legs will carry me that's where I'll be the rest of the evening!


  1. I LUV THEM!!!!

    Thanks so much and I love love love your felted purse a la steph it's so cute!!

  2. Cute, cute!
    and on the socks, do a swatch, count how many stitches per inch you get, measure the widest part of your foot, multiply those inches by your inch-gauge, and then subtract about 10 percent to make it snug. It'll be perfect.

  3. Wow! You have been busy!

    You would never know that dyed yarn is the same stuff... beautiful spring colors.

    That bag is adorable! I love the flower.

  4. I'm a real sucker for those Baby Uggs. Love your Sophie, too. My first thought is a yellow button, but you might have to try a few and see how it feels. Yellow might be too clownish. Love the dye-job too. Geesh. How much can you pack in one post!?