Friday, April 08, 2005

Exactly How Lazy Am I Allowed To Be?

Andrew has been quite busy (attention, understatement of the year) with the new studio, so I've been "Bach-ing" it here for the last little bit. When you spend many of your evenings on your own, you start to wonder about your behaviour. I don't want to be compared to any eccentric millionaires but I am kind of worried that I may have reached a new low with the little evening routine I've developed.

Please let me know if I sound like I've gone over the edge:

1. Arrive at home (big nasty commute takes all of 8 minutes - man, do I LOVE the Maritimes).
2. Change into comfy clothes (yes, Ang, eventually this will be replaced with "change into running clothes and bust hump running around Banook").
3. Scrounge for food. As J says "If it weren't for having to feed the Curious C, then I would survive on cereal". I think I'm pretty darn close to surviving on cereal.
4. Catch up on blogs while eating cereal.
5. Either throw in a load of laundry or half-heartedly consider housecleaning. Nahhhhhhh...
6. Gather knitting related items as close to the couch as possible:
a. Current Project
b. Distraction Project
c. Yarn for potential project
d. Needles
e. Altoid tin containing tiny scissors, darning needle, stitch
markers and occasional hair elastic.
f. Pattern books and reference materials within 5 foot radius.
g. Remote controls.
h. Telephone.
i. Glass of water.
7. Ensconce self on couch and begin to knit, getting up only to use the washroom and to do battle with the laundry. Wish that I could hold it just a bit longer.
8. When phone rings, raise left eyebrow, glare warily at device and sigh with annoyance. Answer but pretend I am just heading out. Talk at length only if it is a) fellow knitting friend, b) RJS, 'cause she doesn't take my "can't talk now" shit.
9. Knit until eyes become bleary. Consider taking yarn up to bedroom. Think better of it as I am still worried about waking up with needle protruding from ear, nose or eyeball.
10. Leave nest, er, couch as is and head up to bed.
11. Dream of knitting.

That's it. I mean, I really wish that there was more to the evening. Like, oh, I dunno, maybe my own band practice? Work has been wiping me out lately, so much so that I can't even get out of my own way. You guys don't think I'm fatal yet, do you? I'm not an Aviator yet, am I? I'm really just trying to squeeze in all the knitting time that I can. That is a respectable pursuit, is it not?

I did break from the routine tonight. Thank goodness, it is Friday after all. I hit Chapters tonight and bought myself a little somethin' somethin'. Must go read my hot-off-the-shelf copy of At Knit's End by she who needs no link. Harlot, you're brilliant and charming and very, very funny. But then, we all knew that, right?



  1. It could be worse - you could lick yourself...

  2. This is way old now but I just love this post and kept forgetting to comment.

    Casey read this and said- wow, that is just like you. :) haha