Sunday, April 10, 2005

Train To Run 10K - Day 1 (again)

Alrighty then. After several days of walking downstairs while holding the railing with BOTH hands, the legs finally felt better... on Thursday. Yeesh. Better safe than sorry, I put off the run until today (subtext: I was too darned lazy to get off my arse and instead sat on the couch and ate a couple of my hoarded Easter Creme Eggs... and perhaps even a couple of brownie sundaes).

Today I set out with my inhaler in my pocket. I don't use it very often, but I took it twice on this run. I was diagnosed with "exercise induced asthma" when I was about 12 years old. What this means is that if I run, especially in the cold, I end up wheezing. I never had an inhaler until I was 17. I had a two-day attack wherein I was able to walk around and do stuff, but I sounded like I had smoked 6 packs a day and should have had a yellow streak in the front of my hair.

To this day I'm not sure what brought it on... Psychosomatic reaction? Exceptional pollen count that spring? Dunno. I just felt like poop for two days. Sometimes I wonder if I was deprived of enough oxygen over those two days to alter my brain. Hmmmmm...

Anyhoo... all this to say: my lungs probably aren't in the best shape. 'cause I've babied them since then. Today I did "Run 1 minute, Walk 2" six times. Nothing miraculous, really. But I was out there! And I still had to walk the entire loop to get home! It's 5k. Yeehaw.

I came home to find my neighbour and her beautiful black lab in my garden. Did I mention that I have the world's best neighbour? She says gardening is her therapy and since her garden is small, and her kids haven't completely left the nest, she sometimes ends up in my garden. hee hee... I would like to say that I see her out there, raking away with a desperate twitch under her left eye, but that's not true. Once she puts her gardening gloves on, she's totally cool. She's the best. Really. And she's a trained psychotherapist, so if I help her with the gardening, I get therapy too.

So, once I saw her I ran inside, grabbed my gardening gloves and we worked away for an hour. All my little crocuses are now proudly showing their colours. yay!

We even spotted honey bees and a couple of fat little worms. It's spring. No matter what they say about us getting snow tomorrow. I refuse to believe it.


  1. keep running ya ya ya yaaaa i love running around and around and chase things too!

  2. You must know alot about 6 year olds! I'm not going to school today but I can't wait to wear my cherubs tomorrow and see what they say. I can't get their attention if I cut or color my hair so the cherubs will really screw them up. Jane