Saturday, April 16, 2005

Joey and Janice's Day of Fun!!!!!!!!*

Only better. JAK and I are going yarn shopping today!!! Wheeeeeee!

We're taking the Curious C and we're heading to this wonderful magical place!

I'm up way tooooo early given that I was up realllllllly late last night. What on earth was I doing up so late, you ask? Well, concerned citizens of blogdom, I was not up late because I had a date with my darling husband... no, he was working at the studio... but he was only working because I thought I was supposed to be going home to NB this weekend (long story of how I'm a moron and my dad and I can't plan a party to save our lives)... Was I up late because I was washing that grey right out of my hair? Well, I did that too (ok, 31 is much tooooooo young for this much white. I cannot joke that they are sparkles any more!), but...

The real reason I was up late? I was working on descriptions for Minou's clothing website! Ang asked me to do these descriptions of the little puppy's clothes ages ago, but I didn't get them started until last night. Sorry Ang. It took me a while to get those creative juices flowing. If I hadn't waited for this 12am jolt of creative energy, then they would have totally stank. Of course, I fear this morning that they do stink... and maybe that's why they aren't up yet. Ok, ok, I'll stop the paranoid self-talk. Ang was really busy sewing for Stargate last night, so that may have something to do with it.

ALSO, she's running in her first 10k race on Sunday. Anyone who would like to leave a note of encouragement can do so through Minou's blog, I guess. My gosh, that dog is a riot.

Moving on... even though JAK and I are going yarn shopping today, I hit my LYS, Tangled Skeins (yeah, Sheryl!) yesterday. Here's what I purchased:


I bought the book at Chapters the other night. I'm making the cover sweater for a certain bebe (crap, I need proper accents on that). Huh? Oh, yes, it is Merino Aran, not the Cashmerino Aran called for in the pattern. Same stitch guage according to the lable and on sale according to the wee sign above it on Sheryl's shelf.

Also, just because I have Flickr and I'm totally drunk with power... here's a photo of the hallway that the incredible painter man painted for me. Ang - this is for you. It looks much better than the plaster, doesn't it? Les - what do you think? Better than the half-removed wallpaper?


That little note on the upper left hand side of the poor quality photo says: "Yay! The hall is painted! Not so sure I like this:"
The arrow points to a little candle doohickey that someone gave us at our wedding. I might be a little passe now.

Oh, the W? That's the initial for my last name... ok, ok, I put it on the bathroom door. Get it? Washroom? Yeah, I know. It seemed funny at the time.

Better get going. I wanted to throw some seeds in some soil before JAK and the Curious C arrive! It's flower time!!!!!

Have a great Saturday people!

(Why yes, I am drinking some of that Cuban coffee this morning? Why do you ask?

*Say it just like she did on that episode of Friends.


  1. mommy wanted to put youe descriptions up last night. she was about to open the program to do so at 1:00am when something in that crusty brain of hers must have tuned into reality for a second. She bloody went to bed. She has to work again today. Maybe tonight.

  2. We're going for a short time, too. Memorial Day weekend-we'll leave on Friday and come home on Monday. I won't really need to sleep for 4 days will I? Jane

  3. Did you get something good, huh? Now that you've got the power, spill the beans, we won't tell.

    I love the life you've created for Minou in your clothing descriptions. I can just see her as a little socialite.